FifaSolved Site now Launched

We’re proud to announce that our FIFA football video game news website has now officially launched and gone live. Our team have been looking to create something special for the past couple of years and our vision was to create a wonderful website dedicated to the video game series.

That long term vision has now became a reality in every aspect of the word, and we wanted to get our first post out of the way. This post is one of many that will be up on our website for many years to come. Our goal is to deliver the most recent and informative topics regarding all the latest Fifa soccer games.

Using the site will be made easy as we’re going to have the most easiest navigation to make your way around the blog. For now, the emphasis will be on the highly anticipated upcoming FIFA 14 game. This will be the first project that we start on and we’ll be here for many more years to come.

The main points of interest that we’ll be focusing on, are tips to use within the video game. Cheats if possible, and helping players with the Ultimate Team. Check back on a day to day basis to see what we have in-store for you all.

Fifa Solved

Fifa Solved