New Mystery Commentators to Join FIFA 14

There haven’t been many changes over the years whilst the FIFA football games have been entertaining us. Andy Gray was replaced by Alan Smith, and Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend joining more recently as an added optional feature.

Well now, according to a tweet by Nicola Benn who’s been employed by EA to overlook all of the FIFA 14 recordings, it gives much insight. Check out what she tweeted below.

Now many of the fans of the franchise are second guessing as to who this could possibly be. Our money would easily be on none other than Mr Gary Neville. Considering Electronic Arts have a very close relationship with SkySports, this would be pointing to the obvious.

Mark Lawrenson was axed from the PES series not so long ago and may have decided to jump ship much like Lionel Messi did. The list could go on and on, but one things for certain, there’s to be another addition to the English commentators on FIFA 14 this year.

As soon as we find out who it is, you can be sure that we’ll post it right here on the FIFA Solved homepage.

FIFA 14 Commentators

FIFA 14 Commentators

  • please not Lawro, even tho he’s an lfc ledge, he has the charisma of adeaf wombat, ratboy is miles. better, also much better ai needed for commentary