Diadora Products to Feature In FIFA 14

You have got to remember that it’s late march and many gamers are still playing on the relatively new FIFA 13 game. So the lack of FIFA 14 news is very much down to that. However, there’s news this week of EA agreeing a deal with Italian sportswear giants Diadora, to include some of their products in the final game.

Over the years we’ve seen the likes of Adidas and Nike show off their line of products. Now it’s Diadora’s turn in the limelight with many of their footballs and boots now expected to be in the final version.

The news was first leaked on Twitter by username @SimonRutgers who’s the account manager for Diadora worldwide. Negotiations are currently underway and are going better than expected. So it’s pretty much a done deal and we can all expect to see their products in the game later this fall.

Is Diadora the sportswear maker that you were hoping for in FIFA 14? Let us know if you’re disappointed with this addition or whether you think it’s a good move by EA.

Diadora FIFA 14

Diadora FIFA 14