FIFA 14 To Be Unveiled To The Media This Week

According to various reports all over the Internet this week, EA Sports are apparently going to unveil their upcoming FIFA 14 game to the media this week. There are rumours that individuals in Spain have been personally invited to a press conference this week.

Nick Channon who’s the video games producer and Sebastian Enrique who’s the EA Sports producer will also be in attendance. David Rutter has already officially said that FIFA 14 will be mainly about connectivity and focus on the Ultimate Team mode.

That doesn’t mean to say that EA are going to get rid of all the other features like virtual pro and career/manager mode. They just want to up the antics of the online mode a little more with this latest edition. The Xbox 720 is supposedly going to be an always online machine, so this will work in the new games favour.

If these rumours and gossip are true, we could all be looking at the first glimpses of the new FIFA 14 game on current-gen and next-gen consoles. With the latter being extremely interesting. What do you make of this latest news? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts below.

FIFA 14 News

FIFA 14 News