FIFA 14 News Coming Tomorrow

As we pointed out this week in a post, FIFA 14 news is coming tomorrow and what’s more it’s coming from the horses mouth! Yes, that’s right, EA Sports just tweeted a tweet saying retweet if you’re ready for FIFA 14 news tomorrow.

Many of the gaming sites on the net didn’t believe that the information was correct. Most of them thought it was all silly rumours and idle gossip from individuals that were just wishing for something without it actually being true. Well if we didn’t think that there would be no news on FIFA 14 this week, we wouldn’t have written a post on it.

We’re here to give our readers all the information possible on the upcoming FIFA 14 video game. No matter how tiny or pointless it may be, we’re here to bring you it all. So tomorrow will be a massive day for us all, as we finally get to know what EA are planning in the latest installment in the FIFA football series. Check out the tweet from EA Sports FIFA below.