All The FIFA 14 New Features Revealed

So EA Sports have revealed the new features to be in the final game of FIFA 14 today, and this post is going to cover the lot. All you need to know about the upcoming football game can be found here. So get yourself a cup of coffee and read what you can expect to be in the final version.

The EA Sports Vancouver team have received a variety of feedback from their loyal fans on what they want changed or implemented into the new game. The most common request that they got, was for the matches not to be too open in the new addition.

Basically meaning that it’s far too easy to score goals and with FIFA 14 you may have to work a little harder in order to be rewarded with a goal at the end of your attack. The gameplay at present is far too open and the game-plan favours route-one football more than anything.

The ball always seems to be from end to end on FIFA 13 with the player defending one attack and moments later starting one of their own. This type of football is extremely exciting and wonderful to watch, but maybe a little unrealistic at times.

FIFA 14 is going to focus on build up play, with the passing game and diversifying your attacks all that more important now. Once you score the vital goal at the end of it all however, it will feel good every time the ball hits the back of the net.


The dribbling has always been a favourite side of the game that football fans always love to see. Whether it be in a real life match, or on any of the video games in general. EA have looked into this real carefully to try and get the best dribbling experience possible for their fans.

The previous and well, current game introduced the Complete Dribbling feature. Although this was a very good touch, EA have said that they want to make it even easier for players to take on other opponents and make dribbling all that more easier to pull off.

FIFA 14 is to keep the Complete Dribbling feature, but also add the ability to do skill moves and cheeky tricks whilst you are running with the ball at your feet. This is something that every FIFA fan has been waiting to hear for a long time.

Now players will be able to twist and turn their opponent better than ever before! The added ingredient to balance things out though, is the force of momentum that gamers will have to watch out for.

The momentum is going to be a massive factor whilst the player is dribbling and running at the same time. It’s not going to be easy to turn from left to right whilst in the motion of running. Occurrences like players falling over and losing their balance is going to also play a pivotal role in the dribbling side of the game.

Running will be as realistic as it’s going to get, with payers now holding out their arms in order to maintain their balance. This is much like real life in many ways, and the introduction of this type of game-play is most welcome.

Dribbling Touch

In FIFA 14 the weight of all the touches whilst running with the ball at your feet is also going to be improved. This new feature is going to be called (variable dribble touches) which will depend on the players stats that they have.

So for example, footballers like Lionel Messi, Bale, Ronaldo and Rooney will all be okay in that department. Players with poor ball control will suffer the effects of this latest feature. Each touch is going to be crucial and may possibly give the opposition defence a chance to put in a challenge to win the ball back for their team.

The total distance the ball travels whilst running will vary from player to player. The football will no longer be stuck to your players feet like glue anymore. Those days have now been and gone!

FIFA 14 Ball Control

FIFA 14 Ball Control

Shielding The Ball

Another new addition to this years title is the enhanced ability to shield the ball from opponents. Before on previous versions, to shield the ball you had to press a variety of different buttons in order to perform this action. Now, you simply have to press and hold in LT/L2 to protect the ball.

Many gamers will not be over the moon to hear about this added ingredient this year. We’ve got to say though, don’t knock it, as this feature has the potential to reinvent the FIFA games to make them all the more realistic in the long run.

Using this method, you’ll be able to hold onto the ball and retain possession whilst your teammates find space and make darting runs into the oppositions penalty box. The best types of players that this would work well for are the likes of Andy Carrol, Christian Benteke and Emmanuel Adebayor.

Using LT/L2 in FIFA 14 will allow you to use the players muscle and physical presence to not let the defender near them. Last year saw the defenders have the more muscle and physical side of the game. Now, attackers are being favoured to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Holding up the ball could open up numerous chances and possibility’s to create a goal scoring chance.

New Defending

The gameplay for defenders in FIFA 14 is going to be revamped to make them better than ever before. They’ll now make better decisions on when they should go towards a player and when not to. Also their marking is going to be dramatically improved this year too.

FIFA 14 Defending

FIFA 14 Defending

The defenders on the game are going to be much more intelligent and they’ll try and help you out by making the smartest of decisions throughout the match. The defenders also make their own decisions based on what they’ve seen throughout the match-up.

Your defensive unit as a whole will be in a tight group in your own penalty box to make the goal scoring chance for the opposition all that more harder to pull off.

New Improved Shooting

In previous version of the series, gamers have wondered as to why a certain shot did not hit the back of the net or in some cases, even hit the target. The overall shooting experience has been completely revamped in order to produce the best end user experience possible.

Strikers or midfielders in FIFA 14 now have the ability to adjust their feet and the stride that they take when they are about to pull the trigger. The new feature is referred to as (getting into phase) which sounds to the point.

We can’t reiterate enough how realistic this new shooting feature actually sounds. We just hope it’s as good as EA Sports are making out to us all. Basically, your shot will determine on if a defender is closely marking you and pulling on your shirt.

Other factors include if you haven’t quite got the ball from underneath your feet and the shot is not set right at the time of shooting. You cannot be off balance, nor can you take snap shots in FIFA 14. All of these types of pressures will result more often than not, the ball going wide and out of play.

FIFA 14 Shooting

FIFA 14 Shooting

The ball physics will now play a major part in the game than ever before in a FIFA series. The flight of the ball is going to now be even more realistic with EA getting specialists in to help them work on nailing this effect.

The shooting will not be the same old shot anymore as there will now be a variety of different shot types that you will now be able to take in the game. The new physics of the ball will now be noticeable when shooting and performing long passes to spread the play.

The football will now dip and swerve in a realistic direction to give it a total realism effect. The weather may also play a big part in the direction of the ball when it might be snowing, raining or windy whilst the match is playing.

FIFA 14 Career Mode New Features

The much loved and played career mode in FIFA 14 will see the user-interface cleaned up a little to give it a sharper look and feel. The scouting system is being totally revamped so that finding special players is easier than ever before.

FIFA 14 Career Mode

FIFA 14 Career Mode

The introduction to new leagues such as the Blue Square Bet Premier, Brazilian, and a host of other leagues will make their way into the final game.

Get Ready This Fall

So intelligent defenders, dribbling and shielding will all play a massive part of the highly anticipated game. All of these features will quite possibly be integrated into the current existing gameplay that is already there.

EA clearly know that they don’t need to change the game too much, but more improve the elements that need it most. After all, FIFA 13 was such a massive hit all around the world and was top of the UK video games chart for quite some time.

FIFA 14 Messi

FIFA 14 Messi

A release date has not yet been officially announced by EA Sports, but we can guess that FIFA 14 will be out either in September or October at the end of this year. EA have said however, that the game will be available for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. No next-gen console or any other console was mentioned as of yet.