Amazon Lists FIFA 14 Vita Edition & Release Date

An Amazon listing that has given away more than what we would have bargained for is causing major gossip and rumours about the upcoming FIFA14 game. The listing has put a release date of September 24th 2013 in North America for FIFA 14.

The listing is actually for a PlayStation Vita version of the popular football video game. Fans of the franchise must remember, FIFA 12 was launched on September 27th 2011, and FIFA 13 on September 25th 2012. So the time-frame couldn’t be more plausible if it tried.

Naturally the European release date seems to follow usually a couple of days after North America have got their hands on the latest version. So the same scenario is expected for this years highly anticipated edition.

EA Sports are currently searching for play-test session testers for sessions that will commence later on this current month and the start of May. FIFA 14 was officially unveiled by EA last week for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. More console versions are expected to be added in the future too.

FIFA 14 Release Date

FIFA 14 Release Date September 25th 2013