Female Players Won’t Feature in FIFA 14

There’ been a strong petition launched over the course of last year and running through to this year in which some gamers want female players in the FIFA franchise. More specifically, FIFA 14 and EA Sports have responded by saying that their upcoming game will not feature women in it at all.

The petition which was put together by Fernanda Schabarum who wanted to see female footballers in the gaming series at long last. However, the petition got well over 10K signatures and is growing all the time. That lack of people signing up wasn’t the issue for EA though.

They simply said that injecting this sort of new feature would take some doing and they plan to put it into place for FIFA 15. Electronic Arts Sports have said that they have thought of putting this feature into the game at some point and have seriously thought about it a great deal.

The entire game engine and mechanics would have to be changed for this sort of gameplay to take affect. Women are not as strong as men and also the hairstyles and physique of females too. Far too much involved for EA to consider at this present moment in time.

One crazy statistic is that 40% of women in the United States are in-fact women and 44% overall in the world are female players too. We’ll bring you all the latest happenings on the FIFA 14 front daily, so stay with us to keep up to date.

FIFA 14 Female Players

FIFA 14 Female Players