FIFA 14 Ultimate Team For PS4 Is On

The highly anticipated PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 14 will include the ever popular Ultimate Team mode EA Sports have confirmed. PlayStation gamers around the world watching the Xbox One Live Event must have had to hold their breath for a day or so.

The fact that Microsoft have got a very special relationship with EA Sports made it look like the FUT would just be a exclusive game mode for the next-gen Xbox machine. That’s not the case at all, as EA have revealed that they plan to implement the online feature into the PS4.

A staggering $108 million has been turned into pure profit alone from the Ultimate Team mode. So, there was never really a chance that Electronic Arts was ever going to pass up the opportunity to cash in some more.

The only slight difference, is that the Xbox One version of FUT will have some additional exclusive features over the Sony edition. The FIFA 14 release date was announced today by EA to be the 24th September in North America, and 27th September, 2013 everywhere else.

The all new Ignite Engine will be showcased first on both of the next generation gaming consoles this fall. The engine will hold well over 1000 new animations which will make for some fantastic visual effects and detail.

FIFA 14 Ignite Engine

FIFA 14 Ignite Engine