The Ultimate Team Takes Centre Stage in Campaign Ad

A new kind of trick has been implemented by Electronic Arts this year, as they bid to educated gamers as to what the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team game mode is through an extensive retail tour and PR marketing campaign.

A great statistic, is that 35% of players play the UT game mode which in-fact makes it the most popular and played mode for the football simulator. EA Sports do find it hard to explain how it works though. This campaign is in place to give people the knowledge and explain exactly what it is.

If we were to tell a stranger or first-timer what the UT is, we’d say it’s a fantasy football cross manager mode with the thrown in option of using real money to purchase players you want to join your team.



EA have have now made sure most of the major online retailers and journalists know what to say in order to educate potential customers on what the game mode can offer them.

A massive announcement is going to take place at GamesCom next month when EA will reveal a big event that will be dedicated to Ultimate Team users. Well over 1 million gamers play on the FUT every day, so that just tells you how huge it is.

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