FIFA 14 Virtual Pro – Dislikes & Likes

We wanted to go through all of the likes and dislikes that are involved in the FIFA 14 Virtual Pro game mode in this post. The Virtual Pro is growing in popularity rapidly over the past year or so, and we wanted to compile a list of what the modes best advantages are, and it’s disadvantages are. You’re all free to comment and share your own thoughts using the comments box, as we welcome any feedback from FIFA fans.

FIFA 14 Virtual Pro

FIFA 14 Virtual Pro


The Captain

The captain was issued in last year’s installment, and many believe that it’s one of the most stupid inclusions in the whole of FIFA gaming history. If someone doesn’t like you,  thinks that you’re not playing that good, or a hogger of the ball, they can take you out of the team immediately. They also have the power to switch your position on the pitch as well. This really needs to go and fast, as it’s clear for all to see that it’s never going to go down well and it’ll never become popular with fans.

Virtual Pro For The FUT

Many fans want to see the ability of using their Virtual Pro in the popular FIFA 14 Ultimate Team game mode. This inclusion would go down as one of the best additions if EA were to implement it.

Real-Life Virtual Pro

The inclusion of being able to live the high-life of a footballer off the pitch would be such an amazing feature to be included. The fact that you can’t buy your own boots, attend press conferences, buy your own clothing for your player for his life outside of football, negotiate your own wage demands, and choose your very own squad number in your team. These features would make the VP a much more lucrative mode and insure that many more FIFA fans choose it over the career and FUT modes.



The club layouts, or user-interface is extremely slick on FIFA 13, and it’s rumoured to get even better for this year’s edition too. Navigating your way around on the VP menu using the side buttons to see your player to your accomplishments is really simple and easy to use which is a major plus point.


The introduction of seasons in Virtual Pro clubs was a real winner, as it motivated a lot of FIFA players to do a lot better than they would have previously. It also helped them to progress higher as well.

Customising Your Player

The ability to customise your player and make him look exactly how you want was, and still is a fantastic feature in VP. From hairstyles and general appearance, to naming, downloading your actual game-face, and accessories. You can basically change your player to exactly how you want him to look.