Pro Clubs Finally Detailed by EA

There’s been a heck of a long wait for gamers that have been waiting for news on the pro clubs feature and what it has to offer in this years installment. EA Sports have finally given out details via their official blog, and we’re here to round up all of the major talking points in what it has to offer.

The changes are due to a variety of feedback from fans that EA got throughout this calender year, so according to them this is what you the people wanted to see implemented.

The User-Interface

Pro Clubs Stats

Pro Clubs Stats

The menu layout that’s used for navigation and real-time statistics has totally been revamped for FIFA 14 pro clubs this year. A unique club invite system has pretty much replaced the old system with a transfer screen that’s been fully built into the mode. All of the requests as a manager and player have also been located into the new system as well.

The invites will also appear into your very own EA Sports Football Club (EASFC) hub in the form of alerts, whilst you can recommend your team to your friends list if you’re not the manager too.

With regards to the search functionality, you can view clubs through match history or search depending on what you prefer most. This is where you’ll find request a transfer, current season and the trophy cabinet screen.

Players can now search, create, and edit their clubs based solely on their ideal positions, so you can attract players knowing their strongest position on the pitch.

Drop-In Matches

Pro Clubs Drop-in Matches

Pro Clubs Drop-in Matches

Any drop-in matches has been completely removed this year, and this was because it provided a not so enjoyable experience for teammates. The number of users has been decreased to 5v5 matches to allow players more touches on the ball and to play in their correct position during a live match-up. The 11v11 matches were just so poor last year and EA had not alternative but to remove it for good.

All new uniforms have been added as well, whilst the overall stadium atmosphere has been dramatically decreased to give a more authentic feel to it. The Drop-In Matches don’t allow real stadiums, kits or leagues anymore either.

Attributes & Accomplishments

Virtual Pro Accomplishments and Attributes

Virtual Pro Accomplishments and Attributes

The attributes have had a makeover too, with physical traits like height and weight now more balanced than ever before! There use to be many advantages when editing and creating your virtual pro, but now that has been demolished.

The Virtual Pro’s peak has also had a slight change, so that a realistic feel comes off and players are not so overpowered like they were in previous editions. A statistics screen for your online Pro has been implemented, which features sort by position, overall stats, and the match rating from the charts.

The CPU players have had fixes to the appearance, so that they’re correctly based on your region this time round. One of the biggest request for this year according to EA, was kit numbers and to have them kept into the final full version game.


The Top 100 leaderboard will be making a swift return in FIFA 14 due to a large amount of feedback that Electronic Arts received from fans. It’ll be based on the quality of your opponent and will even give out a nice little bonus depending on the number of teammates you’ve got.

Making Matches Happen

Sorting out a match for you and your teammates can be extremely stressful and annoying at the best of times! So via the EASFC you’ll now be able to have the option of sending messages to online club members, even if they’re playing in totally different game modes. All they have to do, is go to EASFC, accept the invite, and then they’ll appear at the match lobby and it’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately the kit selection step has not been included into this years pro clubs mode, meaning you’ll have to select your kit before you craft your search.