How To Download FIFA 14 Early Access

The early access has started for most continents today, and we wanted to make a post on helping gamers download it easily and quickly with minimum fuss. For North American residents, the early access begun yesterday and will last up until Tuesday 24th September, whilst it became available today for Europe, New Zealand and Australia and it’ll end on Friday September 27th 2013.

FIFA 14 Early Access Download

FIFA 14 Early Access Download

PlayStation 3 owners can find the download at the PlayStation store on the FIFA 14 page where they’ll have to download the Digital Download Preview which is located underneath the demo download.

Xbox 360 owners will locate their Digital Download Preview at the EA SPORTS Xbox app which is in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Here are the steps to take for each console just in-case you need additional help.


  • Go to the PlayStation store
  • Then select Games, followed by PS3 Add-ons, and then Season Passes
  • Then you’ve got to select EA Sports Season Ticket tab
  • Then click on purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket for $24.99, £19.99, €24.99, AUD 39.95 or NZD 47.90
  • You’re all done

Xbox 360

  • First off, sign-in to your personal Xbox Live account
  • Then simply scroll all the way to the Bing section of the dashboard and enter ‘EA SPORTS’
  • Download the free EA SPORTS application and then instantly launch it from your Game Library
  • Purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket for £19.99 (UK), $24.99 (NA), €24.99 (EU), $36.95 (AUS), $47.15 (NZ)
  • You’re finished and can now enjoy playing

Source – EA Sports Getting Started