Some Basic Virtual Pro Tips

This is one of the modes which most people really enjoy and spend much of their time on when they’re away from the Ultimate Team. This is a cut-throat game mode since you’re playing against other teams whose aim is to score as many goals as possible against you.

Basic Virtual Pro Tips

Basic Virtual Pro Tips

This means that you’ve got to try your best to make sure that your opponents don’t destroy you. There’s also a lot of interdependent in pro clubs. In case you perform poorly, you will repel this onto your team mates who rely on you. The following are some of the beginner tips which will help you to succeed and become an all-round better player.


Decide precisely on what position you should play in right from the off. You must be comfortable and enjoy playing in the position you have taken at the start. You’re actually playing for fun, therefor choose the position that you want wisely.


This is the best technique used when playing pro clubs .Use the whole space available as much as possible to attack using the width of the pitch whenever you can. If you stay at one congested position on the pitch, then you’ll definitely not stretch the defense of the opponents and this will result into your team losing a variety of games. You should not expect to have the ball all the time and always try and learn skills to take opposition players on.


As I mentioned earlier, you should not expect to be on the ball all the time. As a team, you should make runs to open up channels for fellow team mates. This will help in creating more opportunities overall for the team. If you persistently get the ball to feet, then you are not using your abilities in a wise manner.


Always be keen to note when your team mate wants the ball. Furthermore, try to establish whether he wants the ball into space or into his feet. The following are some of the most common used signals to indicate where exactly players want the ball. If a player raises his hand up, it means that he is in a good position therefore needs the ball, and you should instantly play it to them. Give your team mates the ball when they call no matter what kind of situation they are in.


Communication is what in most cases differentiates a good club from a bad one. Always tell your team mates when you want the ball and exactly where. For example, if you want the cross to the front post, send a signal to them.

This will improve your game greatly. When you ask for the ball to be played to a certain direction, it’ll assist the club to really understand what you need from them and this will increase scoring chances .In the case of defense, if for example you want to make a run, communicate. You should not blame them later for not picking up the run if you never notified them. A club with proper communication tactics can be very potent and can destroy their opponents with a lot easy.


If you play really well with your Virtual Pro and develop him into a world class player, then you will unlock extra content and features. These typically include new celebrations or boots to use within the game. By completing the accomplishments, you’ll unlock new skills and traits that will only end up boosting your virtual pro’s overall stats.