Restart Match Option Causing Freezing/Crashing Issues

The Rematches Feature

We just wanted to create a post that is dedicated to some of the features in FIFA 14 and answer some of your questions that the general public have put to us via our official Twitter account. The first issue is with the restart match function which is causing a lot of players grief when they’re choosing to use the option.

FIFA 14 Restart Match Glitch

FIFA 14 Restart Match Glitch

Many of you have reported that it simply crashes your console/computer every single time even when you go to load it back up again. Others have said that it’s been fine up until the ball has gone out of play onto the touchline and they’ve gone to pause the match, only for it to just start freezing. Another situation was when selecting the kits and/or after the match has finished.

When we tested these out ourselves, we noticed that some of these problems were occurring quite often, and we basically advise you not to choose this option, but to instead save your progress and load it back up again. Never choose the option to restart the match, as it will only harm your saved game and cause all sort of glitches.

Up To Date Transfers At The Start of Career Mode

There’s been plenty of you asking why does the beginning of the career mode not have the proper squad roster that the kick-off game mode has. This is simply because at the start of your new manager career, you’ll need to select download latest squads instead of the default option. Now you will have all the up to date clubs with all the original players that transferred to their respected teams in the previous transfer window.