How To Start A New Career Mode (Hidden Buttons)

We’ve seen a lot of posts on various forums over the past couple of weeks and it seems like a few players from the gaming community want to know how they’re able to restart their career mode on FIFA 14. This post is going to tell you exactly how you can achieve this, along with a few other troubleshooting problem solving too.

FIFA 14 Career Mode Menu

FIFA 14 Career Mode Menu

Restarting Career Mode

Basically you’re most probably seeing simply (continue career) from the main menu like many others. What you need to do is push the right analog-stick on the PS3/Xbox 360 and a few more secret options will appear. In total they’ll appear as continue career, load career, and new career. These hidden options are found throughout the main menu and actually co-exist in the main career mode as well. The right analog-stick is used to get from and to most menus so we hope that’s cleared that issue up for the majority that were unable to find these hidden menus.

Restart Match Option

In order for you to restart a match in career mode, you first have to unlock this feature by heading to the EASFC Catalogue which is located under the football club tab. Once you’ve spent the necessary credits, you will be able to have another try at a game whenever you want.

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