The Definitive FUT 14 Genius Guide

The quality FUT 14 Genius strategy guide has got to be the most comprehensive walkthrough for players that use the Ultimate Team mode on FIFA 14. What you’ll learn from the methods taught in the guide will help you make millions more coins in FUT 14.

FUT 14 Genius Guide

FUT 14 Genius Guide

One of the best traders has decided to give away all of his tricks on how to profit from buying and selling players with as little as only 20 minutes of your time taken up a day. These tricks offer gamers the chance to create a squad that contains Messi, Bale, Ronaldo, Rooney and all the top players that you’ve always wanted to have.

The Advantages

  • Learn how to use the brand new chemistry style cards to your advantage
  • Learn exactly how the rich market works from top to bottom
  • These techniques will only require 25-30 minutes of work a day
  • Find all of the latest real-life football trends to help you make more coins in FUT
  • Learn from the experts that have years of experience to teach
  • The methods that you’ll learn will last all-year round and continue to help you make profits

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