FIFA 14 Pro Clubs Best Striker Build Tutorial

Many of you have been wanting a lot more content on the Be A pro Clubs game mode in FIFA 14, so we thought that we’d listen to you and supply you with more. What we’re going to be looking for in this post is the best type of striker that you need to create at the start of building your virtual pro star.

Best Striker for Be A Pro Clubs

Best Striker for Be A Pro Clubs

There’s loads of gamers out there that don’t have a clue on what to do at this point, and many of you are getting stuck and need our help. So with no further delay, let’s get straight to it and give you all the tips you need.

Getting The Stats & Build Perfect

Literally from the height, weight, body type and preferred foot, to the position, role and playing style, this has all got to be right for you end up having a total beast when it comes to putting the ball in the back of the oppositions net.

  • You should always choose average in the body type option to give your striker a little more muscle
  • You should always go with what foot you’re more comfortable with, e.g left or right foot
  • Always make a target man really big in weight and height
  • Make a finisher small and concentrate on his shot accuracy, ball control and shot power stats
  • The creator (playing style) should have pace, balance, vision and pass accuracy

A video posted by YouTube user FifaUTMoneyz gives a real insight into what rating/statistics you should give to each of the different attacking playing styles. Check it out below and leave your comments on your experience with your virtual pro player.