Learn How To Save Every Penalty Kick

After our highly successful tutorial on how to score every penalty kick that your team gets, we thought we’d do another one that’s related to the exact same sort of topic. In this post, you’ll learn how to save any kind of penalty kick with your goalkeeper every-time someone takes one against you.

Saving Penalties

Saving Penalties

Look at The Penalty Takers Posture

This is literally all you need to know in-order to save all of those dreaded penalty kicks that your defence give away. Depending at impact on where the kick-takers feet are and the posture of their legs, you can actually tell where they’re going to plant their shot.

Have a Goalie With Decent Diving Stats

The last tip that we have to give out regarding saving penalty kicks, is that you must make sure that you sign or acquire a goalkeeper that has reasonable good diving, positioning, and reflexes statistics. This will enhance your chance of making more saves from spot-kicks.

Check Out The Video Demonstration

Below is a fantastic video that demonstrates all of the above that we’ve explained, we hope that this tutorial has helped you and you can leave your comments in the box designated below.