FIFA 14 Pro Clubs – Goalkeeper Tips

It’s reasonably easy to say that the Be A Pro Clubs game mode on FIFA 14 is not one of the most popular modes that’s enjoyed and played by the fans of the franchise, but for the majority of you that do use your time playing on it, we’ve got some helpful tips if you play in the goalkeeper position.

Be A Pro Keeper Tips

Be A Pro Keeper Tips

Goalkeeper Build

Depending on how you tweak this, you’ll either lose stats or gain them. It’s extremely important to get this vital ingredient right as you’re only going to have this opportunity once, unless you start-up a brand new virtual pro that is. We’ve found that choosing the Acrobat playing style really pays off, as it increases your goalies GK diving and GK reflexes by a small but handy margin.

If you select the traditional playing style, then your virtual pro will lose a little off of these two attributes and gain GK kicking, GK positioning, and GK handling. The first two that we mentioned are far more important attributes and you should definitely go for an acrobatic goalkeeper.

The height should be kept between 6’0 and 6’2. This is simply because if you put your height up any further, then your goalkeeper will lose his agility, reactions, and jumping. All of these are really important stats to have in your locker and you don’t want to be losing any of them over how tall your keeper is. If you select your goalie to be any smaller than our recommendations, then the goal will seem a lot bigger and your pro will have to be a sensational shot-stopper to say the least.

The footing doesn’t matter whatsoever! So you can select which ever feels comfortable for you, and the body type should be set to average.

Unlocking & Selecting Traits

There are many traits that you can associate your virtual pro keeper with on FIFA 14, but there’s really only three that you need to concentrate on, and they are:

  • GK Up for Corners
  • GK Long Throw
  • GK Flat Kick

You can acquire GK Long Throw after you successfully complete three goalkeeper accomplishments. You unlock GK Flat Kick after you complete seven accomplishments, and GK Up for Corners after you’ve nailed 24 goalkeeper accomplishments.

Be A Pro Goalkeeper Hints

One of the most underused and underrated features that players choose to ignore is the icon that shows you where your keeper needs to be placed in his area. By simply holding in LB on the Xbox 360, and L1 on the PlayStation 3 you can get a help in hand on where to place your pro when the ball comes towards you by using the directional button or left-stick controls.

Another useful tip is from the goal kicks, make sure that you always kick the ball our wide to the wings as this is where your team is most likely to retain possession of the ball and not lose it so easily. All that you have to do is look to your left or right and find someone in a good bit of space and hold in the square button on the PS3, and X on the Xbox 360 for the time that is needed in order to reach the player.


  • nice details on gk career… i was wondering to start it… now with ur few tips it has become easier… i got this q…. what is maximum overall a gk can gain???

  • To be gk in this Game is a bad ideal no matter what hight weight you use is stl shit in fifa 12 fifa 13 I never got a goal 1 on 1 with the player in this game I got in every single match . And every times the ball comes to hm he gs tru his legs that’s so retarded . And in the arena every shot on target b the computer is a goal the kipper dives after the ball is in the net 😂