How to Change The Practice Arena Goalie & Player

We thought that we’d do a post showing gamers how to change the default practice arena player and goalkeeper to whichever players you choose. It seems that many of you have struggled to locate this menu so we’ll show you exactly how to find it and make your changes to suit.

FIFA 14 Practice Arena

FIFA 14 Practice Arena

Making The Changes

Right from the main home menu, press the RT button on the Xbox 360 or the R2 button on the PS3 three times until you arrive at the customise tab. Then it’s the first menu that you land on and simply press A on the Xbox or X on the PS3 and go into settings. Then from there you’ll see the “select arena player” and “select arena goalkeeper at the bottom right of the screen, click on whichever you wish to make the changes to.

Once you’ve arrived at either screen, simply press R2/L2 on the PS3 or RT/LT on the Xbox to navigate by country and leagues. Then once your in your preferred division, press the RB/LB buttons for the Xbox or R1/L1 buttons on the PlayStation 3 to navigate between football clubs. Then you can use the left-stick/direction button on either of the consoles and go up or down to select the player that you wish to be your main default practice arena player.

This is a really handy feature on FIFA 14 and it’s a good place to get better with your skills and learn a whole host of new techniques that you can then take into a real match.

  • Is it possible to change the arena player to your own Be A Pro player?

    I really want to improve one-on-one with the keeper, as I probably got the worst chance-to-goal ratio this game have ever seen.