How to Create a Game Face on FIFA 14

This feature is a welcomed returning one that many gamers like to use, and so we thought we’d give out a tutorial on how exactly you can do this in a step-by-step guide. The Game Face is basically a way for players to have their own face inside the video game so it actually looks like they’re in it for real. It offers total realism and allows players to literally control there-selves.

All that’s involved is uploading a front or side view of your face for the computer to automatically generate it and then you upload it to your respective console. This mode is only for the virtual pro mind you, which is still good enough, but maybe in FIFA 15 you’ll be able to have this feature in the career mode.

FIFA 14 Game Face

FIFA 14 Game Face

Creating Your Game Face

The first thing you will need to do when creating your game face is to go to the official EA Sports web apps section by clicking here, and this is where you need to go in order to find the Game Face. The dedicated EA page will go through everything with you so there’s no need to panic, but you will need to follow these steps in order to speed up the process considerably.

Make sure to take a snapshot of the front of your face and another from a side angle in a really lightly lit area so that you get the perfect picture. You should also consider being extremely central when taking the shot so that it gets even more perfect. If you’re unable to perform this action yourself, simply ask a friend or family member to take the picture for you.

The photo generation is reasonably quick in truth, and it should not take any longer than 8 minutes, if it does then you might want to quit and restart the process from scratch. If for some unknown reason your photo is not being generated, then we suggest that you head on over to the dedicated troubleshooting page on the official EA website.

The quality of the Game Face does depend on what type of device you’ve got and of course the quality of it as well. Many players report that their Game Face looks nothing like them and a lot of them end up extremely disappointed. Only you can judge on how well you think yours has come out, but retaking your shots or upgrading your photo taking device can’t be a bad idea if all goes wrong.

Downloading Your New Game Face

Once your happy and you’ve gone through the process, you’ll now want to transfer your Game Face to your very own console. From the Virtual Pro menu, select download Game Face and it should all be successfully downloaded and saved. Remember, you can also do some additional editing in the edit pro tab if you wish to.