How to Activate Financial Takeover In Career Mode

Today we’re going to show you how you can acquire the financial takeover from the EASFC Catalogue into your personal saved career mode in FIFA 14. This is something that a lot of players are unable to activate and so we thought we’d share with you how you can do this simple and fast.

FIFA 14 Financial Takeover

FIFA 14 Financial Takeover

First of all, from the main menu you need to go to Football Club, then click on Catalogue, then from the next screen you’re going to need to scroll over to the career tab. Once your in that menu, you’ll need to purchase the cheapest financial takeover pack which will not push you back too many credits. Then simply confirm the purchase and then click OK.

For the next step all you’ve got to do is go back to the main menu and go to the Play tab and continue your career mode. Once you load your saved progress up, you must skip a few days by choosing advance and then head on over to the Transfers screen and then click on Finances. There you will see that your transfer budget and wages have been significantly increased.

This is because a new owner has taken control of your club, but really it’s because you unlocked Financial Takeover from the EASFC Catalogue. If you’ve gone through your entire kitty, and you need a bigger cash injection, don’t worry as next season the board will give you another hefty sum to go buy players with. If you need to watch a a video on how to do this, then check out the one below.

How To Redeem Financial Takeover

Now this is the most trickiest part that most players are getting stuck on, but we’ve found a nice little loophole that solves the problem completely. Many players will notice that when they purchase a financial takeover at a certain level, and it says that you can use it once per season, that it simply doesn’t work.

There’s two ways around this, the first way is once you run out of money, simply purchase a higher level and keep doing so until you run out. When you do run out and this is the alternative method to use, you’ll have to select the gift to a friend option and ask your friends to do likewise for you too. We hope that this has cleared everything up and you can all enjoy spending your new found wealth in Career Mode with your chosen club.

  • Is this a one time use thing? I activated my financial takeover but restarted my career cause I selected a wrong option . Will I be able to do it again ? Or wait till I reach another level and repurchase it on catalogue ?

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  • I haven’t been able to use the one from Level 13 in any of the following seasons, so I am assuming this is a one time thing until we hit level 39? Same issue with Scout a Future Star Player.