FUT 14: Best Pack Opening Methods

FUT 14 Pack Opening Tips

FUT 14 Pack Opening Tips

One of the hardest parts of the game to calculate is the best methods to get better players in the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team pack openings. Having said that, we are going to giveaway a few tips that you can use to hopefully get you a bit of luck when you open your gold packs.

Method 1. Use FIFA Points

We’ve noticed a considerable difference when using FIFA points over standard gold coins, that there’s a better percentage of quality players when using this technique. If you use your gold coins then the likelihood is that you will get really poor players in your packs.

FIFA Points

FIFA Points

Method 2. Select The Same Menu Player

When doing our testing, we noticed that if you select the same player face over and over again, it seems to reep rewards. So choosing Lionel Messi, Cahill, El Shaarawy or anyone else repeatedly will for some reason give you decent players from time to time. All you have to do is click back and forward until your player shows up again.

Method 3. Go Out of The Store and Back In Again

This is by quite a margin the best glitch that we found when testing pack openings on the FUT 14 mode. If you go out of the store and back into it again, you’ll notice that the stars you get in your packs will be mind blowing! For the best results, we recommend that you put all three of these techniques into practice.


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