Request Funds In Career Mode Explained

Many FIFA players have been troubled by this option, not only from last years installment, but ever since it was introduced by EA Sports. So we’ve decided that we would cover all of your questions that you’ve put to use in one simple post.

FIFA 14 Request Funds

FIFA 14 Request Funds

How To Request Funds

The first thing that you’re going to need to ask yourself, is do you think that you can achieve even better accomplishments from your season, than what the board expects from you. If your answer is yes, then requesting funds from the board of directors is definitely worth going for.

All you need to remember is not to be too greedy. Otherwise the board will get back to you with the following statement “we think that is a bit too excessive”. Use some common sense when asking for a bigger chunk of your transfer budget and think what is not too much, or too less and be totally fair.

Which Transfer Window To Use

Now this is where a lot of people tend to get it all wrong and say that this feature doesn’t work for them. The problem that’s occurring however, is that they’re simply targeting the wrong transfer window. You can’t ask for funds at the start of the new season in August, so don’t even bother wasting your time asking. Instead, you’ll need to wait until mid-season and the January transfer window to activate this option.

When your chairmen eventually gives in and adds additional funds to your budget, you’ll have the choice on whether to accept or decline the money anyway. For more FIFA 14 career mode tips and tricks, check out our page dedicated to it and find more useful info there.