FIFA 14 Career Mode – Getting Youth Academy players At full Potential

Being an extremely underrated feature in the game, we wanted to showcase to you the full benefits of using the youth academy to nurture players through your youth system and make them into big worldwide stars. This is used in the Career Mode of FIFA 14 and it’s something that a lot of gamers seem to pass by without even looking into it.

Career Mode Youth Academy Players

Career Mode Youth Academy Players

So we’re going to run you through a step-by-step guide on how to use your academy to develop young superstars in the making.

Locating and Setting Up A Youth Academy

The youth academy is located at the office menu, under youth staff and then you must use the left-stick to move left or right and then you click on youth academy. Once you go into this menu, you’ll be inside, but you must first hire a decent scout that is under youth scout and select the best one with the best experience and judgement.

Setting Up A Scouting Network To Find Talent

Once all of that is cleared up, the next step is to setup a scouting network by picking a territory for your chief scout to go and find the best talent that’s out there. It doesn’t matter where you send him to go, that’s entirely up to you and it doesn’t make a slight bit of difference. We personally recommend that you go to either, England, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Spain or Portugal.

Picking The Best Young Players To Develop

The most crucial part of this process is to pick the right players that will have a huge potential and light up the main stage. You should be looking for the players that have a potential between 84-94 or 80-94. You shouldn’t go no less than that, as the player might not turn out to be that good of a prospect otherwise.

Once your happy with his stats and what outstanding potential he has on offer, you should then select him to join your youth team in which he will stay there to develop his rating. You can permanently sign youth players once they’ve turned 16 years of age, if they’re any younger, then you won’t be able to sign them until their sixteenth birthday.

You can alternatively keep them there until they’re 18 years old, but we do not recommend that you choose this option. If you acquire them when they’re 16, you can get them for really cheap wages of £500 per week, and then simply loan them out to another club for valuable experience.

If your young stars are played on a regular basis, and you’ve followed all the steps in this walkthrough, then your little prodigy’s should reach their maximum potential and at least be an 86 overall if not more.

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