Complete Guide To Players With 90+ Potential On Career Mode

We suspect there’s plenty of you that are well into your FIFA 14 Career Mode by now, but just in-case any of you are still struggling, we’ve got some excellent tips to give out for you all to digest today. We are going to discuss the top players that have a potential of 90 plus on the manager game mode.

FIFA 14 90+ Potential

FIFA 14 90+ Potential

Having that all important beast team to defeat the AI every single time on legendary Mode has got to be the number one target for players that prefer not to play online. So check out the full list of high potential stars below, and enjoy.

Best Players Who’ve Got 90+ Potential

  1. Zakaria Bakkali – PSV – potential 90
  2. Gareth Bale – Real Madrid – potential 91
  3. Mario Balotelli – AC Milan – potential 90
  4. Cesc Fàbregas – FC Barcelona – potential 90
  5. Mario Götze – Bayern Munich – potential 92
  6. Eden Hazard – Chelsea – potential 90
  7. Mauro Icardi – Inter Milan – potential 91
  8. Iniesta – FC Barcelona – potential 93
  9. Stevan Jovetić – Manchester City – potential 90
  10. Robert Lewandowski – Borussia Dortmund – potential 90
  11. Lucas – Paris Saint-Germain – potential 90
  12. Matija Nastasić – Manchester City – potential 90
  13. Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich – potential 90
  14. Neymar – FC Barcelona – potential 90
  15. Mesut Özil – Arsenal – potential 90
  16. Gerard Piqué – FC Barcelona – potential 90
  17. Raphaël Varane – Real Madrid – potential 90

If you’ve got any feedback on any players that you got up to 90 plus in your career mode, let us know by using the comments box designated below.


  • david silva
    el sharaaway
    aleixis sanchez
    marco veratti
    sergio aguero
    NOTE: this list is based on my own career mode!! xxx

  • if you play raheem sterling from liverpool very often (im talking nearly every game) you can have him at 90 by the time he is 24, thats what happend for me anyway

  • the career mode potentials are all random these stats are just the average i did a everton career n i make Barkley into a 89 by the time he was 25 it matters how you play with the players and how they play under you like in real life!!

  • I got Aguero up to 92. I scouted a striker that started as a 95 and is a 98 now (I think the signing fee was 35 million though). The potential and initial rating seem to be pretty random

  • i played Neymar as left wing in Barcelona and he got an overall of 94 at age 26