The Career Mode Club Job Offers Explained

This has got to be the most frustration ridden feature of the entire FIFA Career Mode since it was introduced a few series ago. The amount of players that are reporting a glitch is unmatched, and we have tried to contact EA Sports to comment on the issue, but to no avail so far. So, we thought we’d give the best insight possible to help gamers out regarding this specific feature.

Career Mode Club Job Offers

Career Mode Club Job Offers

The club job offers is basically when you receive offers from third-party football clubs to take full control of their team and become their new manager. The problem though, is there’s not as many offers coming in after becoming extremely successful with your parent club as people would like.

There is also the option to apply for jobs manually yourself, there also seems to be some sort of error in this department too. A small majority of players have reported that they’ve received some really decent offers from big clubs to take charge of their teams, but the portion is small.

We give you the best tips to enhance your chances of receiving these below:

  • Make sure you meet all of the boards demands and win all the cups, your league and finish above all expectations.
  • Try to consistently browse the jobs from your career menu on a regular basis, namely after each match that you play.
  • There’s been rumours that the next patch update Electronic Arts are going to release will tweak this feature and fix all the glitches that occurs, so maybe waiting for that to come out isn’t such a bad idea.
  • Take control of small clubs for one season, then jump ship to bigger clubs to see what the results bring, we’ve noticed doing this seems to diversify the manager jobs that you’ll receive significantly.
  • If all of the above fails, try taking over a club that has low expectations and do the impossible and win the league and cups, this will give your reputation a massive boost and the teams from all countries will be flooding your inbox to hire you as their manager.

The Browse Jobs Tab Detailed

When going into the browse jobs tab that’s located under the office tab, you may not be expecting the jobs that you’re after. You might get job offers to manage world class teams when you want to take over average clubs, or vice verse. Either way, this section of the game is based on what stars your team is rated out of five, the higher the rating, the better the jobs you’ll be offered, the lower the rating, the poorer the manager positions become.

If you want to take control of a club that are pretty average, then all you have to do is sell some of your best players to lower the overall rating of your squad. To get the opportunity to take over big clubs, you’ll have to get your squad up to a four and a half star, to five. We hope this detailed explanation has helped all of you understand how to better yourself as a manager on FIFA 14 in regards to managerial vacancy’s.


  • I started manager mode with Sunderland, played for two seasons won 3 trophies including the league. still whenever I apply to other club, I get rejected every time!!

  • Fifa 14 is the most terrible game i ever purchased. All fifa did was change the interface, to a more windows 8 theme, which im sure microsoft must have done. The only major difference the scouting is absolutely annoying. It seems the project manager is absolutely lazy. There isnt even any market research to examine what fans want. Owner of EA sports get something done or u will loose fan base. I sold fifa and bought pes. Pes feels better than fifa.

  • I just finished my 1st season with perth glory. I want to move aboard in another league but when I get accepted 4 a job I cant do anything else & im stuck with the same team. Help please. How do I leave my club to go elsewere

  • Started my career as manager in Lanús, from the argentinian league, in the first part of the tournament (Torneo Inicial) i finished in the 7° place, and in the second part (Torneo Final) i finished 2°, then i went to Newells Old Boys, also from Argentina, been there for three seasons, won all that is possible, but the only teams i can apply are worst teams of the Argentinian League and some of the worst teams of Europe, im really disappointed with that…

  • i play my career mode as a coach and i dont know why i get fired from my club and i win games and buy new players do everything…. before i get fired get notes saying that i dont follow rules and get mad at referres thats why i get fired??? from every club what should i do???
    Thank You

    • The same thing happened to me and I have no idea how to avoid it 😭

    • Lol I just found out. You have to turn of the kinnect because it thinks that your raging and swearing. Even though the commands are cool you have to turn it of 👌

  • i started a career with UCD AFC (bad club from ireland). i played 5 seasons and won 4 times the league , 5 times national cup and played the final of champions cup and won 1 euro league. and after all that i got an offer from stevenage -_- WHY!!??

  • Alright chaps? I accidentally figured this out.

    The ‘potential job openings’ available in the ‘browse jobs’ menu are related to one thing only: the quality of your first 11.

    For example, I have a 4 and a half star Bournemouth team, and I was getting frustrated that the only jobs available were Man Utd, Arsenal etc. when I really wanted to get the Sunderland job. So, I put my young reserves into the first team in ‘team management’ and simmed a bunch of games hoping to get sacked. I then realised that there were lots of jobs available in the menu.

    I loaded an old save – top of the league, with my full team in place – and checked the job offers. Man Utd, Chelsea, Juventus and Lazio. Then I changed up my first 11, with an average rating of around 70, simmed one day in the calender, and checked again. Suddenly, about 10 premier league teams were available as well as a whole bunch abroad. This explains the problems which the lads above have been experiencing in finding a new club. If you, say, win the Champions League with a 2 star team, the potential job openings will still only reflect the quality of your players. Although, in that case you would probably get a direct offer or two. If you’re really frustrated, I’d recommend purchasing financial takeover in the catalogue, bringing in some star players and increasing your first team’s average rating.

    Unfortunately, actually getting the job is still tricky. As far as I can tell, you need to have accomplished a couple of your objectives and/or be on course for a successful league campaign, so realistically you’re looking at March, since the League Cup now qualifies as domestic tournament. Lastly, it’s worth noting that most job offers don’t appear until mid-to-late October and the foreign teams change every couple of days on the calender, so one day it’s Italy, a few days later France etc.

    I hope this helps.

  • Applying for jobs is still messed up in FIFA 16! I’m currently in April 2023 on career mode and top of La Liga with Real Madrid and also managing England, I’ve previously managed FC Shalke and Liverpool.

    In total, I’ve won 2 La Liga titles, 2 Bundesliga titles, 3 Premier League titles, 6 domestic cups, 5 European cups, 1 World Cup and 1 European Championship . But for some strange reason, every club is rejecting my job applications this season. I’ve tried Milan, Newcastle, Monaco, Lazio, Sevilla and Liverpool won’t even take me back.

    I’m bored of being Real Madrid now after dominating La Liga for a couple of seasons but it looks like I’m stuck there unless I start a new career mode. :/

  • how come every season as a manager of man utd i win everything but never get a better paied contract always 35k , i know it dont matter ., but i missed out on players every window cause they wont give me extra funds, i wint it all 5 trophies league pre season tourn champs cup f,ap an league come an i only simulate too lol but i dont feel appreciated as manager lol , oh a messi wont sign for me , not even for 850k a week so i took the argie job, an amitted him from world cup squad , teach the lil rat wont it 😉

  • I’m currently at Juventus and not getting new jobs either. Even mediocre teams like Lazio and Wolfsburg don’t want me. In my other careers I’ve successfully swapped Southend for Barnsley,Blackburn for Reading and Reading for Newcastle yet couldn’t leave Newcastle for a Champions League club. Also on the same point as chris jones was making it am managing the Spanish national team and I scorer wouldn’t leave Real to sign for my Juve team so I won’t let him play for Spain.

  • I’ve got the Chicago Fire in MLS (please hold your laughter). I’ve won both US cups 4 years straight, while leading the Finland national team to the round of 16 in the FIFA World Cup. On the PS3 I had the same team, same results, and was offered a job with PSV Eindhoven which I promptly accepted. On the PS4, I only get offers from other MLS teams.