How To Unlock Classic Kits For FUT 14

Many gamers have been trying to find a way of unlocking all of the classic kits to use in FUT 14, and we thought we’d shed some light on how you can do this. Basically you need to head on over to the EASFC Catalogue which is located under football club – and then Catalogue.

Once you’ve arrived there, simply press RT/R2 twice and go to the Gameplay tab, as this is where the classic kits are situated at. You can then scroll down and search through all the classic kits that have made it into this years installment.

FUT 14 Classic Kits

FUT 14 Classic Kits

There may be some that you’ll need to unlock before you can buy them, but taking part in the skill games and unlocking more accomplishments will enable you to go up another level. Once you have seen a kit that takes your fancy, you can use your FIFA credits to purchase them by clicking A on your Xbox 360, or X on your PS3 controller and then simply selecting confirm purchase.

You will now own that item forever, and there’s also an option for you to gift the item to a friend if you so wish to. When you go into your Ultimate Team game, you can scroll through all the classic kits that you’ve bought and then click on them which will give you the following options:

  • Make Active Kit
  • Send To Club
  • Place On Transfer List
  • List On Transfer Market
  • Quick Sell
  • Store All Remaining Items In Club
  • Quick Sell All Remaining Items

The strips are reasonably priced, so it shouldn’t take you too long to acquire all of them from the store. Let us know what your favourite kits are by using the comments box designated below.