Your FIFA 15 Wishlist And Ideas

FIFA 15 Wishlist

FIFA 15 Wishlist

This page has been created specifically for you the gamers, to bring forward your ideas and suggestions for next years FIFA 15 title. We want to hear your wishlist of what you want to see implemented into the new game.

All of the feedback that we’ll receive will go straight to EA Sports as we pass on all of your clever ideas. All you have to do is use the comment box that’s designated at the footer of this page, and we’ll send on the information to Electronic Arts in early 2014.

We will check all of the comments that you leave, and take note to all of the suggestions that’s left by our readers and the general FIFA community. So you can be sure that if you have a really good idea, it could be featured in next years installment.

  • We want to add the Algerian team in career mode

    • In career design kits and badge. Better player in FUT Packs. Pick if u want to be CF or CM or RWor LWin create players or Pro Clubs.

  • pouvoir changer de sponsor,de maillot ,d’ équipementier avec son club gérer vraiment le club quoi…

  • Add the ukraine and turkish leagues.create a new FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP tournament in career mode.Also in career mode,kits need to altered every season….If they do this,then fifa 15 will be interesting!

    • I agree, as well as the Greek League. EA are discoursing so much young potential players in these talented leagues…

  • 1. Manager Career:
    A. Give Chance to create team kite.
    B. Following all the rules as per Fifa and Uefa for teams selection for all league games and titles..
    C. Manager talk in writing with players as I saw in football manager.
    D. Manager should have right to select sponsorships for the year…
    2. Player Career..
    A. He should have right to select teams for loans and transfers..
    B. Able to have talk with manager for his future and talk with press…

  • Add I-league also and other small league too…

  • Allow gamers to play as an owner of a club, have people around you control parts of the club or do it yourself. make money by success and right decisions that pay off (buying a player that turns into a star, or investing in the right manager to bring the best players for your squad) and maybe one day buy a big club!

  • add nigeria to fifa 15

  • I would love to see 2 leagues in scotland , premiership and championship.

    You have rangers fc in rest of the world but…
    Rangers and hearts fc will both be in the championship next year ( two big clubs).

    *REMOVE rangers from rest of world league and bring in the championship in doing so you will gain two big clubs aswell as several clubs who’ve been in fifa over the last few years.

    *many players move from scottish lower leagues to big clubs

    And you have all 4 leagues in england

    • mike daddlesfdffd

      england have way more than 4 leagues, they have hundreds

    • I totally agree mate! being from Scotland I would love to see the lower leagues not just the Championship but league 1 and 2, would make the scottish cup more interesting and be a pro career would be amazing!

  • One more…

    Increasing staium size / upgrading during career mode.
    Always good to get more money in and if you build a small team up through several seasons upgrading the small stadium should be acheivable

  • We definetely need Greek Superleague.
    And certainly better stadium atmospheres from ultras and stuff like flares. coreos, chants etc.

    • Agreed, so much young talent in the Greek League. Greece is one of the most passionate football countries in the world, yet EA don’t add there league to FIFA! Also need Ukrainian, and Turkish leagues. It needs the UCL, and maybe the Europa League. Lastly, better international teams. There is sooo many pointless int. teams like India and Bolivia, while countries like Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Nigeria, Japan, etc. are missing.

  • must make scenario option in practice for vollley, bicycle kick thrown to you etc

  • should allow you to warm up before matches like a training infront of a crowd in the stadium
    and should show them lining up in the tunnel

  • i want to see the cameras show the some crowds face full of exictment….i want to train as a player before a match…add i league of india

  • Paul van Broekhoven

    The Japanish League

  • the dutch jupiler league

  • Be a ref mode

  • I think this as you could control the match as an official
    I.e. Linesman, ref etc.

  • include classic teams like the invinsibles

  • Include the CONCACAF Champions League for the North and South American leagues to participate in.

  • Allow us to intervene in the middle of a simulation. Also, save a game in progress so you can leave and come back to it later

  • Please include I-League from India..

  • 1.Be a Chairman mode would make an excellent addition.
    2.Give the option of knowing a players ability level.
    3.Have the option of starting as an International mgr and build your reputation up to get a top mgrs position.

  • put legends on the play station.

  • put all the leagues in the game.

  • 1. New unlock for edit pro on pro clubs… Tattoo’s.. To personalise your pro that much more! Be able to unlock different colours, sleeves, tribals and body region! 2. Club and career TEAM training sessions, unlocking accomplishments and improving stats/ratings taking skill games to the next level.. A good fitness session results in better stamina etc for the next match, a bad session vice versa risking missing out on making the starting 11. 3. SORT OUT the ai problem with the ai team mate close to the ball possessor, u knock on or skill move and your taken off the ball, half the time resulting in turning over possession and a counter attack! The same goes for power up a shot and he then ends up in your path blocking a goalscoring chance for his own team! Yes in real football this can occur and can’t be avoided, but it happens so often! 4. Different variations of each skill move, making your play style that much more unique and to be unpredictable and exhibiting your flair, character and personal touch!

  • add the Wales national squad we have the likes of Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey, Joe Allen ect…

  • I generally only play Player Career, so what I’d like are:
    – Training sessions for between games. Basically do any of the skill games and get points for it so that you can have a temporary attribute boost for the next match and a permanent boost after you’ve hit a certain amount of points depending on the level.
    – Time on contracts, so if you want to leave a club at the end of the season and no-one’s bidding for you you will become a free agent with a selection of clubs to choose from.
    – Conversations with manager. One of my bug bears atm is that my player is the best player in the team but keeps getting taken off after 45 minutes or 60 minutes. EVERY GAME. I’d like to be able to ask the manager for more playing time, or if contracts are introduced ask for a new contract on more money etc..

    I’m a player of Football Manager as well and there are some aspects of that I’d like to use from the player’s perspective.

    • YES!… I keep getting taken off WITHOUT FAIL at 55-60mins.. doing my head in! Even if I’ve scored 2/3 goals etc – Not sure if this is a bug in the system but this needs to be addressed!

  • add a feature of custom designing kits with real sponsers like fly emirates, bwin , aon, etc and also the kit designers like adidas, puma and nike , puma etc so to make changes to kits before starting of new season and plz plz plz plz add i league of india and a feature by which we can create skill moves of our own

  • I think there should be a chairman mode so you can own your favourite team and build them into a world class team
    I also think the should be a referee mode so you can be the ref or linesman

  • Japanese League, Hong Kong League, Champions League and Europa League…

  • For online gammers; set a package of 2,3,4 games so when I want to play on line I dont want to waste time waiting to find opponent, I am already set up. so If I get the 3 package once i finish playing , I am starting the next right away. Please have common sense.

  • Do the warming-up by by your self

  • In career mode you should be able to resign from a club and should use the champions league instead of champions cup, you should add the fifa club world cup and you should be able to choose your sponsors and edit your kit.

    a.Create kit or edit kit
    b. Choose sponsors for your club
    c. Get naming rights for champions league
    d. Add FIFA club world cup
    e. Disable Global Transfer Network
    f. Bring back the ability to see all abilities of all players
    g. Have the ability to sign a contract with the club to show how long you wish to stay
    h. Create a manager, e.g. create his face and which clothing he should wear etc.

    a. Have the ability to give players tattoos
    b. Be interactive with the club manager to talk about your career


  • In manager mode you should have a trophy cabinet showing which trophies you won and with which team in which year

  • Make your own team kit. not fucking going to and download them for moeny, fuck that! and also make your own stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scenarios!! They should have games where you are half time and have to win by 2 goals to win the league or something like that.. like South Africa 2010 game had. was really good… and warming up in front of crowd as mentioned before… should be able to demote and promote from B sides. All countries jerseys! proper jerseys not the crappy ones..

  • Have variable weather that can change throughout the game.

    For example, it rains from 0-23rd minute and then breaks out in sunshine , the one side of the pitch that is in the shade stays wet and the sunny side gets progressively drier throughout the game.

    There are endless scenarios you can implement where weather can affect gameplay movement.

    Also 1500 kick offs could start off in day light and then get darker towards 1700 in the day.

    It can be done, look at F1 games and they use rain effects successfully.

    Alex, Staffordshire, UK

  • 🙂

  • Fifa did every year Turkish leauge and the few years isn’t anymore why ?? do it again !

  • Portugal league licensed stadiums has Been asked for by the community for years. License FC Porto, Benfica, Sporting, and Braga stadiums. Bring back the euro 2004 stadiums.

  • just bring in the concacaf champions league with this make sure their is the canadian cup

  • – Agree with the weather changing comment. Can change a lot throughout games and would be great to get darker.
    – The License for the Champions and Europa League is a must.
    – I am not a fan of the new scouting system at all. Can’t believe you can’t see the ratings of any player.This has bothered me most about the new FIFA.
    – As a player in Career mode I want it changed that you can be on the subs bench. When I am not fit enough to start it removes me from the squad altogether. If I am fit enough I’m in starting lineup.
    – Changing of kits going into new seasons.
    – More emphasis on contracts for your player – Also a ability to show total earnings over whole career.

  • any african league should be there.for years now africa only get a representation of a few clubs..the south african league should be there with the likes of egypt,ghana, and nigiria

  • Just give coins boost on the pc version of the game in fut

  • mike daddlesfdffd

    Manager mode-
    1. staff upgrades (like fifa08)
    2. easier objectives for smaller clubs in the league (as west brom in first season i was told to get euro spot)
    3. option of global scout network
    4. not having money reset after season (with melbourne victory i had $4m and after a season the board reset it back to $2.6)
    5. option of which sponser to get (better is more money)

    Player mode-
    1. be able to get subbed on
    2. talk to manager for upcoming games/ futre.
    3. use money to buy upgrades (like nba2k14)

    CEO mode-
    you are a small club and have to build it up making investments and telling the manager what sort of player to buy.

    Referee mode-
    be the referee and bad calls mean you could be fired

  • Remove the bloody keeper in pro ranked like you could in the last 1. Stop the nobs coming out thinking there messi and letting in open goals

  • Career mode: Add abililty to edit kits
    add ability to choose sponsors
    add Villa Park to game 1 of the most famous stadiums in football and its never been in the game
    add ability to customise managers appearance
    unmask players ratings as having them masked just makes the searchin for a player process long winded
    add world club championship
    add ability to hire staff ie assistant manager & coaches

  • In career mode there should be a club world cup also more national teams from north america and more leagues from North america as well to do the Concacaf Champions cup.
    in player mode a more interactive story line would be more fun if it were to include decisions that could affect whether or not team mates like you or if other clubs want to buy you. and if you are good enough you can get a personal boot like messi and ronaldo get. also it would be so fun if you could make a player as a youth player and work your way up a clubs youth academy.

  • Hey EA,
    you should really consider taking in the Turkish League again. I know how difficult it is with the Turkish Football Federation, but you should really try to do the best to -at least- take in the 4 great clubs of Turkey. That would be Trabzonspor,Galatasaray, Besiktas and Fenerbahce. I am sure that the money you would spend on buying the licenses would fully be paid with the higher percentage of bought games by the turkish players in Germany, Turkey and England. I know many players, who dont buy it, because they cant play with their favorite team.
    Also there are many stars in this league now like Malouda,Bosingwa, Drogba, Sneijder, Baros and many others that will eventually join.

    I am not turkish, but I still want this league, because there is a plenty of players that I would really like to play with on Ultimate Team.

  • Add legendary teams that have played throughout history. They have already taken a step towards it with the introduction of legends in ultimate team. Having teams such as the arsenal invincibles the real Madrid galacticos Barcelona of 2005 Chelsea of 2005 treble winning United team Liverpool of the 80s the champions league dominant Milan team. I believe all those teams plus more would be a real good fun idea.

  • In pro clubs the AI should have a set difficulty to at least world class. and the refs need to get a grip to many silly free kicks given away in fifa 14 and yet some serious ones not given. I also think you should add a manager mode for multiple players so u can play against friends in one big comp.

  • In manager or player mode you should have the abilities to spend wages. I think it was total club manager 2004 u could buy houses, cars, jewellery etc… think that would be a good addition also in manager mode there should be a build mode so you can build/expand stadium, youth ground, training pitches car and coach parking, medical centre u should also be able to upgrade grass from standard to underground heating etc…

  • Add indoor masters. start your career as a youth player end it in the masters.

  • Manager mode:
    – being able to talk to your team in bad situations to give them a boost and talking to individuals about game time and training.
    – tying in with what I just said when you talk to a player you can praise or hate them which will result in morale, relationship and if he wants to stay at the club.
    – if you build a relationship with a player at a previous club and he is a realistic transfer target then it will give a higher chance for him to join your new club.
    – you can watch key moments in training sessions in when a player makes a good pass or screws up which will make you wonder who to choose for the upcoming game.

    Player career:
    – talking to the manager
    – training with your team in training sessions which will result in them playing better with you.
    – doing things outside of football, for example, going to a pub and getting drunk may affect how the whole club and manager thinks of you and it can be in a good way and in a bad way.

  • Championship teams when they come into the Premier league their number fonts should change to the premier league fonts for a more realistic effect. Also for Pro Clubs you should be able to edit your stance for free kicks and penalty’s. Another thing is you should be able to create your own kit and badge for pro clubs. One last thing if possible it would be so great if you could pud the conference league in the game as so many people would love it.

  • There should be a new manager mode type when you only watch the game instead of playing it. So your only the manager and only bring in players but you cant play.

  • In career mode you should be able to edit your manager on what he looks like. And your player should be able to buy tattoos and on player career you should be able to attend training sessions.

  • In the player career mode, there is no incentive for me to play for more money. You should be able to use your money to buy things which will then raise your player ratings. For instance, why should I transfer to Madrid when Tottenham is my favorite team? I never would in the game because I have no reason to. But if Madrid offered me more money and money allowed me to boost my ratings, now I have a tough decision.

    Money can be used for things like buying a nice comfortable apartment close to the stadium which will improve stamina or injury rating. I can buy a personal trainer or personal chef to improve strength or agility. I can buy a new car and experiencing the speed on the highway will improve my speed and aggression during games. I can spend a day off at the training facility to improve my passing or I can spend the day hanging with my teammates and by getting to know them better, improving my vision. I can do community service becoming a fan favorite. On the weekend I can stay in and watch film of my opponents defense to improve finishing, or I can go out to the club at the expense of some stamina points, but maybe I will meet a girl (or maybe I will get in trouble). With a wag around to improve my focus, I will definitely be a better penalty/free kick taker. Just some thoughts.

    You can still keep some of the accomplishments for skill building, but this year I was not able to build my pro enough to draw any attention from the giant clubs. And I ignored transfer offers because I had no incentive to leave WHL.

  • Owner mode; owner mode is where you should be able to put prices on food at stadiums, parking, jerseys.etc. you could give a certain amount of money to the manager to spend on transfers and such. Just like in madden 25. You would have the opportunity to relocate your team or build a new stadium.

  • 1. Improve the AI. Attacking players wandering offside and then staying there or get involved in plays makes no sense, the players represented aren’t 8 years old. And why don’t defenders pick up an attacker? Always playing zone defence makes little sense. Players on attack for that matter rarely look for open space.
    2. Be able to show all 23 players on each team during celebrations. Don’t know why celebration scenes that are animated that players cannot control only show 11 players.
    3. Full National team anthems. Playing the last 5 seconds is a joke, play the whole thing or don’t bother with it at all.
    4. Bring back Downloadable international commentary packs. It was the only thing worth buying from the fifa store.
    5. Go to an actual football field and record what hitting the post sounds like.


    If your managing a lower league team and they get promoted show it on their jersey for example remove championship logo and insert premier league logo

    Have proper media conferences like the ones in NBA 2K14

    In player career mode when signing for a big club have an introduction like the one Neymar had when he signed for Barca also do a speech

    Have an option to add accessories like: tattoos, piercings and other things on player career mode

    Have a in game twitter where you get tweets, follows and a fan base

    Get the chance to sign with a sponsor like NIKE ADIDAS or PUMA and have endorsements like being on the cover of a future FIFA or creating your own boots with the sponsor

    Allowing player to go in crowd and celebrating with fan after scoring

    Letting fans come on to pitch (pitch invasion) for example when team wins the league or gets promoted

    Pitch fights in a derby match

  • to transfer career money to ultimate team

  • I know this is a far fetched idea but being able to be the boss of all fifa the head not the coach but being the head fifa boss just watching transfers and that unfold would be cool

  • An online career mode like a bunch of different servers making up full leagues and having reminders when your next game is like real life eg. Next game is on Tuesday at 11:am and if you don’t show up its a forfeit

  • I would like to see the skill games implemented into career mode. You could train youth players or young players specific attributes, and for a booster, do a skill game with them once a season or something to give them an extra increase to a certain area of their stats.

    I should also be able to apply for any job in career mode and not just the random ones the game throws up. All the teams should be divided into categories according to whether or not they would take you on. You could just have a red, yellow and green system were green would be that the team would love you as manager and red is no chance.

    I would like to see much more of an attempt to improve single player in ultimate team. There should be tournaments for every single league and also more hybrid tournaments with specific leagues requested. I don’t know why they don’t do this as it would make opening more packs for random players to make random 11s more appealing. A ‘Pack only’ tournament would also be good, were you can only use players you have got from packs.

    I should also be able to pick the difficulty for every tournament I do in ultimate team. There should be different coin rewards for each difficulty like with the team of the week challenge.

    Also for Ultimate Team, I would love to see them bring back that mode they had in the Euro 2012 DLC. That one were you went around the world challenging teams and you would get a random player off them every time you beat them. You could have a tour around Seria A or any league and at the end of it get a coin bonus and also a random player from that league. That was a great mode and seems perfect for ultimate team.

    The most important thing to improve though is the physics in the game. First touch error is a great thing but it makes no sense if a defender controls the ball perfectly when I shoot as hard as I can at him on the edge of the box. There is not enough variety in deflections. I hardly ever have a shot deflected in, or wide, or back into play. It just hits the defender and then stops and lands at his feet which is ridiculous.

  • There should be an option to have training days, where instead of playing in a stadium like you do in Arena Mode or skill games, you play on the training grounds of whatever team you play for. If you played for Milan, you’d be on the Milanello sports centre, with trees around the grounds. It’d be great to be able to train your players to slowly build up their stats, and see them in training gear training in the cold, the rain. Little things like this would make you more invested in the players you have, and changing the roster would be a bigger deal if your team’s chemistry could be improved through training.

    You could also train like this in Virtual Pro mode, to improve specific traits. Maybe in virtual pro mode, you can do a max of 3 drills a day for your player, so you would have to choose whether you wanted to do sprints to improve speed and stamina, or weights to improve strength. With only 3 drills a day you couldn’t exploit it and max out your player quickly, but it would allow you to improve stats that aren’t initially impressive on your player. I’m 6’1 and very quick, but I have to be shorter in virtual pro or my speed stats will be quite slow, you should be able to improve them no matter your height.

    This is one that’s a little less likely to be achieved, but I’d love to see a futsal mode just for fun. I bought Fifa street in 2012 just to play futsal, but it was too much about the tricks, and actual futsal is more about passing. I’d love to see a futsal mode that doesn’t change any of the gameplay or mechanics, it simply puts it on a futsal court, only 5 players a side, and futsal goals. Even if it was just as a training game/skill game.

  • You should also be approached by other clubs to take the head coach position, instead of actively seeking which clubs will take you.

    There should also be a part at the very beginning of your career where you’re interviewed by the club’s media, and one of the questions they would ask is ‘What is your favourite team?’ or ‘What would be your dream destination club?’ that way if you choose Milan or Real Madrid, when they come knocking it would be a big deal.

  • 1- They should include the contract length feature in the pro mode.

    2- Managers should be able to bring up players from their 2nd devision or youth team for FREE! You know.. Like in real life!!

  • Press conferences and more player and board interaction!!! New training facilities and new stadiums!! Ask owners for money for a marquee signing… Training (e.g. get Giroud better at dribbling) and realistic crouds, varied commentary and better gameplay would make fifa 15 perfect

  • Can the commentators demonstrate more emotion and passion in gameplay. They’re quite dull at the moment. Also, it would be cool to be able to control the players personal lives a bit more in terms of whether they turn up to training, how often they train etc…

  • Every Year A Team Changes It’s Kit. Not Massively But They Do. In Career Mode You Can Go On For Year With The Same 2/3 Kits. There Should Be An Edit Mode For This. Even If They Make It An Unlockable In The Fifa15 Catalogue. It Just Gets Boring Doing Season After Season On Career Mode With The Same Kits.

    Get Rid Of The GTN. It’s Crap. The Transfer System Isn’t The Problem It’s The Negotiations.
    1. You Can’t See How Good A Player Is. Unless You Have Scouted Someone For A Month You Can’t Just Buy Them Else You Don’t Know What Your getting. Therefore There Is No Fun In Transfer Deadline Day.
    2. I Really CBA Spending Money To Buy Scouts To Do A Job I Could do In Five Minutes On A Search Menu. It’s Pointless.

    I Used To Enjoy Doing Stadium Upgrades And I Think This Should be Brought Back. i Think The Stadiums In The Game Are Crap. They Are Nothing Like The Stadiums In Real Life. I Don’t Understand How Hard It Is To Create More Of Them. if It’s Because It Takes too Long Then Keep Doing Them And Add Them To The Unlockables!

    Bring Back Visual Sim. This Was You Can Sim The game But If Things Are Going Bad, You Can Go Into The Game And Sort Things Out. When Your Getting Good At Career Mode And Your In All The Cups, European Championships, National Championships (If Your A National manager). You play So many games That Sometimes You CBA Playing Them So You Sim Them. But Most Of The Time Your Team Loses In A Sim.

    Have Teams Bid For Your Players More Often. If You Put Someone Up For Transfer It Takes Donkeys For Someone To Bid And If They Do It’s A Crap Bid.

    Have Transfer Negotiations Quicker. Do It Like A Live Thing. instead Of Putting In An Offer/ Having That Accepeted/ putting In A Contract Offer/ Having That Accepted/ Accepting The Player! Why Don’t They Do it “Live”, not Literally but like asif your having a conversation with agents/player/managers. Therefore things can be done quicker!

    Everytime a good player moves to a worse club than his last, the next fifa game is rating goes down. This is ridiculous as being at a different club doesn’t make them worse.

    Pick your own friendlies at the beginning of the season

  • I think you should introduce real time weather, where weather can change during a game! For instance a heavy deluge of rain that makes the pitch muddy and cut up, thus slowing down the ball, or high winds that affect the ball movement or very hot sun that effects the players fatigue ! I would also like to see injuries and the effects of bad tackles better replicated! And the use of elbows etc to gain an advantage in the air if not seen, if seen then punishment for them! And I still think that the crowd could be more realistic! all these things are eye candy but I feel would mKe the gMe more immersive! I used to love the pitch cutting up in the old kick off games years ago!!

  • Please make fut more interactive, and global, you know big thing!

  • CAREER MODE Players value should be more realistic through performance/goals etc. For example, I had a striker worth 1 million in prem and scored 20 goals in 10 games with average 9.7 performance. No change in value!!! Realistically he would shoot up in value (20 million maybe). Also had valuable players performing poorly yet there value did not decrease?
    Should also be a mode for career that the cpu teams are at different levels according to the size, eg Barcelona legendary,mansfield amateur etc. This would make the career mode so much more realistic.
    the global transfer system is pants. A simple search system is just fine as it was.

  • A. Maybe a kind of life section of career mode???

  • You should earn about 800k per match (and add in finances)and instead of ozil being 50k he should be like 50m, messi 120m not 1.2m and Robben 90m not 250k… make FIFA 14 realistic please EA as no other fifas are.

    Make gold packs have something special in it… At least 65k (if above is included then 65m)

    And finally when on career and ultimate team, when you forfeit the score should be as it was when you left the game. These will quite simply make FIFA 15 ACE!!

    • Oh and certainynot EA TAX!! It’s like when you buy a player and sell for profit you don’t get it because of EA TAX!! And there should be training sessions on career mode

  • Manager and player mode:
    I think it could be nice if ,as you go to a club, you could sine a contract for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years or 5 years. So you can go away on a free transfer at the end of your contract.

  • Manager or player mode:
    I think it is nice if you could manage or play in a youth team in a youth competition.
    With youth teams from big clubs. Like young Ac Milan or young Man united in competitions like young serie A or young premier league and every time in the season you could take players from the big club to play with the young team and you can give players to the big team to play with them. But they are not allowed to play 2 games in 1 week. So they are not allowed to play with the big team and the young team in the same week. And there must be an age limit.

  • I think there need to be more special chemistry styles. Pace & Dribbling +3 as well as Pace & Heading +3 would be nice. I also think there should be +6 for pace at least, if not for all stats.

  • Formation designer? I would like one. If it already exists on xbox and ps then put it on mobile too. I would love to have it

  • Here’s some suggestions for career mode( Be a pro and Manager Mode)

    1.Include cut-scenes or short video for player of the year, manager of the year, new signings, etc.

    2.Make it more interactive and diverse.

    3.Include kit creator and sponsorships as same old kits for 3/4 years becomes boring.

    4.Include stadium expansion. Especially for lower division clubs, where they can expand the stadium with their revenue.

    5.Manage signings interactively (fun and quick).Instead of waiting every 2 or 3 days waiting for the reply, negotiating the fees, etc., it can be processed within a day, discussing stuff with agents.

    6.Include video clips at the starting of every major cup match like Champions cup,Euro League,etc

    (Below are for ‘be a pro’)

    7.Enable fan graphs and popularity index for be a pro mode

    8.Animations and interactions with players and coaches

    9.Sponsorship deals and agents

    10.Fan wars and animations.

    11.Rumors and gossips which we as a player has to handle.

    12.Enable accessories like glasses, hats, mask (lol, i know it’s unreal but this things makes it interesting and fun)

    13.More animations and clips is what I suggest for be a pro. It’s supposed to be a strategy after all, controlling one player entire life.It gets boring after the first career as its repetitive. It have more scope to be interesting but no complications.

    • Regarding no. 5 it should be like a meeting with the agent and player so it’s done quick and simply.

  • 1. In career mode, as a play they should go into the player’s personal life e.g girlfriends, going out clubbing, rivalries and charity events. (like in the game Soccer Life on ps2).
    2. In manager mode; you should be able to change your kit each season, have the option to play a half season (where you only play each team once) because sometimes it gets a bit boring.
    3. You should be able to have reserve teams so if you don’t play a player for a while or if they get injured and they are 80% match fit, they can still keep in form for the reserve team,
    4. You should be able to do post match interviews and you should be able to pick your pre-season warm up matches, and at the beginning of the season like in Fifa 07 you should be able to pick a sponsor.
    5. When youth players get scouted, their potential rating shouldn’t drop as quickly as it does. Also youth teams will be a good addition and have tournaments like the youth FA cup. Also in player mode you could start as youth player and go to trials for teams and play in a match, and you have to get a certain match rating to get through, but if you don’t the required rating then you start off at a lower level club.
    6. More focus should be but on African football as there is a lot of talent there and they should add Nigeria and Ghana back into the game.
    7. Deliberate diving and fights on the pitch (should be asked if you want to turn it on before the game, with an age rating).
    8. Adding a lot more international teams, leagues and competitions would be more interesting. Also the conference league being added in would make a great addition.
    9. Also beach football would be fun.
    10. Classic games would be great to play with classic games from the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and 00′s.
    11. Bringing Lounge mode will be great especially when you’ve got friends over.
    12. At international level there should also be U21 teams.
    13. On manager mode they should go back to the old menu layout this version is is very tedious with the emails and the global scouting is very irritating, I prefer Fifa 13 where you could just search for a position and the players are listed in order of ability, instead of having to scout them for a long time.

  • in fifa 15 put in every league in the world including the airtricity league of ireland division 1

  • Have a real sim of the sim mode…… there are some of us who have no want to be a player on any level and would still like to see the players play some and the stadiums they play in….

  • Trading between anyone not just friends on FUT please!!!!! I’m desperate

  • Ball boys as well because players run through advertisement boards

  • add egyptian league and make tifos in matches

  • when players say things to you in career you should be able to answer them

  • New kits for manager mode, new sponsorships and brands maybe.

    A lot more stadiums and stadium upgrades for manager mode. The generic stadiums are not nearly as realistic or cool as the ones based on real stadiums. So more legit stadiums please.

    For example, every team in the the championship pretty much has the same stadium

  • Add UAE League (Arabian Gulf League) and the Turkish League, more national teams
    add hazza bin zayed stadium, add fogy weather

  • Add UAE national team, it is one of strongest National teams in Asia