Your Official FIFA 15 Leagues Vote

We’ve setup a page that’s specifically designed to let you (the gamers) decide on which leagues you’d like to see included into next years FIFA 15 title. Every single year EA Sports add more leagues, players, clubs and new features, and this is the chance for you to have your say.

FIFA 15 Leagues

FIFA 15 Leagues

If there’s a league that hasn’t been officially licensed and included into the series so far, you can either vote or type into the comments box at the footer of this page on the league you’d like to see. At the beginning of 2014 we’ll send all of this feedback off to EA and let them know what the players would like to see.

This idea of showing Electronic Arts what people want is completely genius, and you wouldn’t believe what your contribution does in regards to turning EA’s heads and getting them thinking about what to include in their next game.

FIFA 15 Leagues Vote

  • Adecco league ! Norway

  • ASB Premiership – New Zealand

  • Fully license the Portugal league sagres as well as all the clubs in the league. Also the Portugal 2nd division should be in the game. The B teams for top clubs are in there and it would be fun to be able call up and drop players from the B teams.

  • Norwegian first division

  • Finnish Veikkausliiga and Japanese J-League would be essential adds to the EA FIFA leagues.

  • Finnish Veikkausliiga

  • Firstly add the Concacaf champions league with the Canadian cup. They should have the MLS drafts and finally, add the Scottish championship to make it fun.

  • Concacaf champions league… and Central American Country Teams, Also Gold Cup of America.. Libertadores Cup

  • Mexican 2nd division

  • South Africa professional soccer league – PSL

  • UAE League ( Arabian Gulf League )


  • Add Costa Rica Honduras El Salvador Jamacia Guatemala Canada add the Afghan League cause a USA player in the league Add the Finish League Bulgaria league add the Romania league add the Ukraine & the league add Ghana add the Israeli League add Algeria add Angola the Egypitan league add Croatia & their league add all second divisions to all the leagues in Europe add Nigeria add the South African league add the Quatar leagee & national team Add all the saudi league stadiums add all BPL stadiums & teams that have been in the BPL add the Saudi national team add Japan add china back their league add the J league add the NASL aadd women’s National teams & a few leagues add the Mexican second division add the Guatemalan league & home stadium add American Samoa add Fiji US Virgin Islands Samoa add Cyprus league & National team add Hugarian league add Romanian league add Mylasia Hong Kong & league add Belarus add all south American leagues add the Ivory Coast League