The FIFA 14 PS4/Xbox One Title Update Goes Live

Electronic Arts have issued a patch update for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that is intended to tackle the overall stability and Virtual Pro issues that have been causing players no-end of problems lately. The title update is now available for immediate download, and it comes with fixes for the stats and attributes on the Be A Pro game mode in particular.

The next-gen versions were only launched last month, but already EA Sports are determined to make sure that their players have the best possible experience whilst playing the worlds most popular football video game. The update will ensure that all of the Virtual Pro attributes and statistics will carry-over from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, and the PS3 to the newly released PS4.

FIFA 14 Xbox One PS4 Title Update

FIFA 14 Xbox One PS4 Title Update

The official Twitter account for EA Sports tweeted the news and can be viewed below:

The official EA Forums made a statement that included a big thanks to the fans of the series in their provided feedback on Twitter, Facebook and via the forums. They also go on to say how they are constantly looking to make considerable improvements over the course of the year to give a truly remarkable experience for their end-users.