Major FUT 14 Web App Update Coming Soon

Electronic Arts have revealed in the last couple of days that a major update to the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team web app will be arriving shortly. The data that’s to be updated will clean up some much-needed improvements and make users experience when playing the web app a lot more enjoyable on the whole.

FUT 14 Web app update

FUT 14 Web app update

Check out the full list of what you can expect to change once this update has officially gone live below.

  • The Chemistry Style icons will now appear when players start comparing players on the Active Squad screen.
  • All of your unsold items will be able to be re-listed.
  • The fonts app wide has been completely changed to match FUT console.
  • The ability has been added to locate all similar Items when searching the Transfer Market (ex. Find All Ronaldo’s).
  • Brand new unique colours for the pack opening animation (Bronze, Silver, and Gold).
  • Applying the consumables will now be changed to a two-step process, but this is to prevent consumables from accidentally being applied.
  • Changes to Squads are automatically saved when leaving the Active Squad screen. Users will still have the option to save manually though.
  • Items are now automatically added to the Transfer Targets section when players are attempting to Buy Now with Items in the Unassigned Pile.

These are the all-important changed that we know are definitely going to come into effect when the update rolls out sometime in the next few weeks. Additional features and tweaks are expected to be applied by EA Sports in that time-frame though.

We found this evidence on the official EA forums, where the team from Electronic Arts like to keep their customers and fans up to date. We have to say, that we’re in favour of all these new little tweaks that are being implemented into the FUT 14 web app, let us know what you’d personally like changed in the comments box below.