FIFA 14 Xbox One Bundle For £399.99 At Amazon UK

If you haven’t yet upgraded to the next-generation consoles just yet and you’re looking for a deal that includes the  number one football simulator on the planet, then you are in luck. Amazon UK are doing a great bundle deal that see’s an Xbox One console with the FIFA 14 game included for just £399.99.

There’s also an optional Fighter Within game that’s thrown in completely free of charge as well, but the Ubisoft title has not had very good reviews since it launched so we’ll leave that one up to you. If you extend your spending to £20, you can acquire a copy of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition too.

Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle

Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle

Microsoft decided to lower the price of the Xbox One machine because they wanted more players from the UK to start playing on their console ahead of the eagerly awaited Titanfall release. Microsoft’s UK Xbox chief Harvey Eagle said:

It’s the game that most gamers are looking forward to playing, and we think that this is a great time to offer this new price point moving forwards, and include the game while stocks last.

This special offer is not currently available outside of the United Kingdom, but more territory’s are expected to receive a price cut in the near future. You can check out the deal by clicking here and going straight to the official Amazon UK website.