FIFA 14: Xbox One Update Enables Dolby Digital Sound Setting

You may have noticed this afternoon that Microsoft have begun rolling out one of the biggest Xbox One system updates since the console was launched late last year. The main one concerning FIFA 14 however, is the new acquisition of Dolby Digital Surround Sound being included in the main settings.

Dolby Update Xbox one FIFA 14

Dolby Update Xbox one FIFA 14

Before, gamers could only enable DTS (Digital Theater Sound) Stereo uncompressed and the option to turn audio from the opticle lead off. Now though, proper surround sound can be enjoyed when users go into their Xbox One settings and then go to Display And Sound which is in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Such benefits from DD being introduced include the crowd being heard more, the commentators voices more clearer, and of course the obvious of all the different noises in-game being heard from five different speakers. The other notable changes in this update are listed below:

  • Party chat on by default. When you party up, chat audio is turned on by default.
  • Invite friends to game” option available in your multiplayer titles. Similar to Xbox 360 titles, when you’re inside a game’s menu you have a simpler and quicker way to set up your multiplayer battles. Selecting “Invite friends” lets you invite friends to your game and party.
  • Change to the support of 50Hz output to the Xbox One. You can set the live TV app to display at 50Hz for full or fill modes, fixing the frame rate issues some users in Europe have been experiencing while watching live TV on Xbox One.
  • Loads of new improved ways to stay connected with SmartGlass. We’re introducing new ways for you to stay connected with your friends through Xbox One SmartGlass. Receive notifications of Xbox Live messages, check out what your friends are doing, and see their latest highlight clips. You can even unsnap apps with the tap of a finger – all from your personal device.
  • Additional support for new Xbox One accessories. Xbox One now supports the recently announced Xbox One Stereo Headset and Adapter, the Xbox One Media Remote with a dedicated OneGuide button, as well as third party headsets.
  • The ability to view Game Clips while in Snap mode.
  • Dolby Digital sound. Optical out now supports 5.1 Dolby Digital, enabling devices such as sound bars and headsets with only optical in to be able to receive 5.1 Dolby Digital from Xbox One over optical. We’re also adding support for Dolby Digital surround sound over HDMI. Now you’ll be able to have the best sound quality no matter what speaker setup you are using.

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