The 2nd List of Winter Upgrades For FIFA 14 Revealed

EA Sports have released the second batch of Winter Upgrades for FIFA 14 that include Vidal, Hazard, Oscar and Diego Costa.

FIFA 14 Winter Upgrades 2nd Batch

FIFA 14 Winter Upgrades 2nd Batch

The all-important details on how all these updates work are disclosed below:

  • The upgrades apply to new players found in packs from this point forward. The Non-IF players in your club won’t receive an upgrade.
  • If an upgraded player already has one or more in-forms, all of his IF’s will be upgraded anyhow.
  • Also, if you already own the IF version of an upgraded player, this will result in your IF being upgraded.
  • Note though, if an upgraded player with a previous IF gets upgraded across Quality tiers (eg. Bronze to Silver), his IF will not be upgraded! EX: Januzaj  has been upgraded to a Silver, but his Bronze IF will stay bronze. This preserves the value of the IF and it ensures your Bronze / Silver squads aren’t negatively affected.

There’s a lot of gamers that won’t be aware of these changes, so it makes sense for you to pass the message over to your friends that aren’t otherwise aware of these updates. Take a look at all 17 of the updated players below and let us know what you think to the stats increase. Alternatively you can see the new ratings here and be sure to spread the word to all of your mates.