Getting Players Morale High In Career Mode

FIFA 14 Career Mode Morale

FIFA 14 Career Mode Morale

One of the most frustrating parts of the FIFA 14 Career Mode, is the fact that some of your players in your squad become unhappy and lose their all-important morale. This is due to many elements and in this post we’re going to explain what are the causes, and how to dodge them in future.

An Introduction To Players Morale

There are two ways of finding out what sort of state your players morale is, you can either find it in your main squad from the main menu in Career Mode, or via the squad report. At the main lineup, press RT (Xbox 360/One) or R2 (PS3/PS4) to change the view of the players overall to the morale. If the colour is green, then he’s happy and will play with confidence, if it’s yellow or red, then the player is not so happy.

In the squad report that’s located in the squad tab, go into it and that screen will give you an in-depth analyses of what’s going on in your stars minds. Simply click on the selected player you want to view and you’ll then be given a reason as to why your player is unhappy, or if he’s happy then it’ll say so.

Solving Unhappy Players & Bringing Back Their Morale

There are a couple of ways to do this, so we’ll go through all of them with you so that you know for future reference. The easiest way to get the confidence back in an individual is simply by making them a starter in your team and playing them on a consistent basis. You should then receive a message in your inbox from the player saying that they’re grateful for you selecting them and giving them a run-out in the first team.

If you go into squad report and it says that player is unhappy due to lack of matches, then pursue with the above technique, but if it says poor management, then there is also a way around this and we’ve got the solution. At a press conference just before match-day, go down to the tab that says player and locate your selected individual and praise him. This will then make the player think that you are a really good man manager and he’ll grow more respect for you and his confidence will go back up into the green.

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