2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Game Features Trailer

The official EA Sports UK YouTube channel have posted a brand new video that showcases all of the new features that are due to be introduced to the 2014 World Cup Brazil video game. The title has only recently been unveiled by the developers, so there’s little information that’s been produced so far, now though there’s more to go on thanks to this new trailer that’s been unveiled.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil New Features

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil New Features

There’s a new online mode that’s entitled (Road To Rio) which is a take on the seasons game mode that’s normally associated with the main title. The only difference between the two, is there will be a map that moves your country along instead of the traditional divisions. There will also be an online World Cup mode, for players that want to win the greatest show on earth starting from the knockout stages, right through to the finals.

The EASFC is also back too, and all of the kits, boots, balls and loads more will be available for gamers to acquire. A story of qualifying will setup scenarios where you the player will be able to completely rewrite the history books and change final results. Check out the full length trailer below and also let us know what your thoughts are towards the bonus game.

Source – Official EA UK YouTube Account