New Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle Deal Spotted For £329

UK retailer Overlookers have put together an Xbox One and FIFA 14 bundle for as little as £329 which beats all current offers available online and in-stores. Microsoft decided to slash the price of the Xbox One to a reasonable £399.99 way back in February of this year which saw a Titanfall game chucked in for good measure.

Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle Deal

Xbox One FIFA 14 Bundle Deal

Major UK supermarket chain Asda and online retailer Amazon then hit back with a special offer that saw the same bundle deal cut by £50 down to an impressive £349.99. That same price still stand today, but it seems that a better deal is on the cards thanks to Overlookers.

The new drop-down price was spotted by the Trade in Detectives official Twitter account and the tweet that was originally shared can be viewed below.

Microsoft have recently announced to the world that they’ve shipped a very respectable 5 million Xbox One consoles to top retailers worldwide this past week. Sony who’re Microsoft’s rivals in the next-gen wars have sold 2 million more with an equally impressive 7 million sold globally since launch day.