The FUT 14 Web app Down For Maintenance, EA To Fix Transfer Market

I’m sure that you would have noticed anyway, but the FUT 14 Web app is currently down until further notice due to EA Sports having to do some much needed maintenance for the transfer market. Electronic Arts want to ensure long-term Transfer Market improvements are made and all the fixes necessary are put into place.

FUT 14 Web App Down

FUT 14 Web App Down

The web app was only supposed to be down over this past weekend, but as of the writing of this article on Monday 12th May 2014 it’s still offline. EA have said that they will update gamers on the progress around this time but thus far there has been no update or news from them either from the official website or their social media profiles.

There is nothing anybody can do but either wait until the issues have been resolved, or you can start trading players and coins via your console of you’ve got one. The inconvenience is obviously not needed, but players are just going to have to wait until the developers have sorted the transfer market out once and for all.

  • Hey I was wondering i have fifa 14 I berly got it and I tried to find barcelona and Real Madrid but I can’t find the team plz help

    • Hi Alex, they are located in the (Liga BBVA) which is the Spanish La Liga, hope that helps.

    • Like the guy before me added, both are Spanish clubs so they are located in the (Liga BBVA) which is like looking for Liverpool FC in our English Barclays Premiership, be aware though some of the European clubs, such as Barcelona – are listed as FC Barcelona, so u ain’t gonna find ’em under B! Lol.
      Hope that helps? Look again for Real Madrid cos that’s how it’s listed.
      I that helps.

  • Hey the transfer market has been down for a really long time and I was wondering if you know when that will start working again? thanks

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  • still down on 30th may!!!!!!

  • Still down, June 13.

  • Still down…

  • Still Down July 12

  • July 4th… I think…

  • I mean 3rd…

  • guys it should be up and running tomorrow

  • when is fifa 14 web app back online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Need to sue them