Vancouver Whitecaps FC Players Heads Scanned For FIFA 15

There’s already preparations going on for the next-gen head scans for EA Sports FIFA 15 game which will be out this fall. The Vancouver Whitecaps FC players have had a visit from Electronic Arts, and most of the first-team will have their real-life virtual faces appear in the upcoming title this winter.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC FIFA 15 Face Capture

Vancouver Whitecaps FC FIFA 15 Face Capture

EA have used their technology to capture 3D images that then turn footballers faces into the real thing for their hugely successful FIFA video game series. Each year the developers travel all over the globe to accumulate more realistic faces to please fans.

The Vancouver Whitecaps are actually the first ever MLS (Major League Soccer) football club to have this technology used on their players. Both parties have a good relationship, with the Whitecaps an EA official partner which they have been for well over 3 years now.

The process, which takes only a matter of 5 minutes to complete for each player involves the use of 12 state of the art cameras and a 360-degree capture. It then sets out to scan players faces down to the finest detail, which include their facial expression and precise hair on their head.

There are a number of stages in the five minutes it takes, one of them is for the player to sit in a chair and remain absolutely still while the technology gets to work and takes over 48 photographs from a variety of different angles. Check out the gallery of the scanning in process below and let us know what you think.



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