2014 FIFA World Cup Now Available On FIFA 14 For Mobile

Gamers who own a digital copy of EA Sports FIFA 14 on their mobile devices can now play the 2014 FIFA World Cup game for free thanks to a newly released update. The update is available on the Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone store, Google Play and the Apple App store.

FIFA 14 Mobile World Cup Update

FIFA 14 Mobile World Cup Update

Literally starting from today’s date, up until the greatest tournament kicks-off on June 12th next month, players will have the option to play Matches of The Week which is solely based on the most famous and memorable qualifying fixtures from the past two years leading up to the knockout stage. There will be a total of six brand new matches every single week for players to compete in, which include the players, kits and teams that competed.

Upon the first fixture kicking-off between Croatia and Brazil and the tournament officially begins, all of the 32 national teams will be automatically added to the matches of the week. During each week, there will be a total of 12 brand new fixtures released that’ll be based on the actual schedule. Select your own country and lead them out in front of authentic and realistic fans, then beat the opposition for the Ultimate bragging rights.

To download this version of the game, just select your device and go here for the Amazon App store, Google Play, Apple App store or the Windows Phone store.

  • This has been the worst decision by a coach in U.S. soccer history. A world cup team needs experience more than youth. Many European teams were dispatched easily in previous world cups just because they did not have experience. Donovan Brazilian style soccer is more productive in 15 minutes than other players 90 minutes.