FIFA 15 Demo Gameplay And Release Date Details

FIFA 15 Demo

FIFA 15 Demo

Update: The FIFA 15 demo for the Xbox One was released on September 8th.

We wanted to do a post regarding the upcoming FIFA 15 demo that will be out this fall at the early stages of September 2014. The release date hasn’t been officially announced by EA Sports just yet, but an announcement is due in the next couple of weeks. If we were to give a prediction on when it’ll be out, we’d probably predict around September the 10th or around the area up until the 15th.

A gameplay video of the FIFA 15 demo was uploaded by the IGN YouTube channel which you can check out below for your viewing pleasure. It was part of a live-streaming event hosted by IGN at the massive E3 event and it lasts around sixteen minutes long. Nick Channon who’s the Senior Producer for Electronic Arts Sports unviels the new features and talks in greater length about the game.

FIFA 15 will be kicking it’s way to all major consoles on Sept 23 in North America and Sept 26 across Europe.