Brand New FIFA 15 Screenshots Leaked

After all of the gameplay trailers that have been released by EA Sports over the past couple of weeks, we felt it was now time to leak some brand new never before seen screenshots of the upcoming football simulator. Although images don’t normally tell the whole story and are quite limited, these ones that we’ve managed to get our hands on are quite interesting.

New FIFA 15 Screen Released

New FIFA 15 Screen Released

As you can see above and indeed below, the new user interface has been leaked and you can now see for the very first time what it’s going to look like in FIFA 15. Some of you may be wondering why Gareth Bale is still in a Tottenham Hotspurs shirt, but this is not the finished version but almost. There are a couple of different colours/versions, but one of these is going to be the end product as to which one, we cannot quite say at this point.

Michael Cheal who’s the graphic designer for Electronic Arts in Vancouver British Columbia was messing around testing them out. After all, he’s the interface designer and will have the last say on what it will eventually look like.

There’s also a couple of new screens that show on-pitch play that you can check out for your viewing pleasure too. Let us know what you think about them and anything to do with the upcoming title by using the comments box designated at the footer of this page.