Some Early FUT 15 Web App Tips Pre-Launch

With just over a month before the release of the full version game, we wanted to give out some early tips on how to make as many coins at the start of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The demo will be out first followed shortly after by the web app, and that’s one of the most important factors in getting a head start on your competition in FUT 15. Below is a quick tutorial video that we done last week which shows how to get the best players before anyone else.

As explained in the footage above, the web app is an essential ingredient to a players decent start in Ultimate Team. You’ve got to know which players to buy, for how much and then to know how much to sell them on for to gain maximum profit.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Trading tips

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Trading tips

The prices in the auction rooms at the start of FUT 15 will be all over the place, so this is where you can take full advantage and generate the most coins online. These trading tips are literally your best chance at creating your dream team in a matter of months if not weeks. These methods are the best we can go on before the game or web app is actually officially launched, we will have improved hints and tips when the title is out late September.

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