Our 1M Coin Pack Opening Giveaway Ft Owen Legend

1M Pack Opening Giveaway FIFASolved

1M Pack Opening Giveaway FIFASolved

After EA released the MLS TOTS squad this week we thought that we’d do a special giveaway on our official YouTube channel to celebrate this. We have done a 1 million coin pack opening with the best players that we got in packs to be given to our fans on YouTube and our official site.

Not only will we be giving away the top players out of the packs, but we’ll also be gifting our very own Michael Owen legend card to one lucky viewer as well. You can check out the full 30 minute video below and leave comments on who you want in a way of our bidding process.

To bid on a player that takes your fancy just simply follow the steps that we explain in the footage above and you can be in with a chance of winning some really decent players for your own Ultimate Team squad. We tried to do this pack opening as quickly as we possibly could and we’ll be doing special giveaways much more often in the future.

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