Learn What’s New In FIFA 15 Career Mode

The most popular offline game mode makes a return this Autumn/Fall and it’s back with a bang as we showcase what’s new in the FIFA 15 Career Mode this year.

FIFA 15 Career Mode

FIFA 15 Career Mode

Team Management Revamped

FIFA 15 Team Selection

FIFA 15 Team Selection

There will be a new menu layout presentation-wise on FIFA 15 manager mode, as EA look to make it simpler for players to customise their squad and use clever tactics to become the ultimate manager.

  • Tactics can now be implemented as a default to each of your team sheets so that your way of playing is ready for the next match you play.
  • All of the formations are back and you can select a preset formation that you use quite often so it’s easier to pick before a game starts.
  • The player roles are all back like in previous versions but the only difference being the user-interface has been tweaked.
  • A great new feature is the player instructions where you can select up to 10 outfield players and get them to make overlapping runs or attacking runs to confuse your opponent and help out your strikers up front. You’ll also be able to give defenders instructions too, including tight marking on a deadly centre-forward and defensive positioning.
FIFA 15 Manager Mode

FIFA 15 Manager Mode

 Player Growth & GTN

FIFA 15 Player Growth

FIFA 15 Player Growth

What’s really exciting out of all the news that’s come this year about the FIFA 15 Career Mode is that the player growth has been completely altered and we mean that in a good way. Before in titles gone by the engine was random and whenever you had a player say Ross Barkley from Everton as he’s nice and young and a great example to use.

One Career Mode he would go up to about 90 and another he would not go up for his entire career, no matter how much you played him or how good his performances were for your club. Now though the player growth and potential is going to be more realistic than ever before!

Older experienced players who’ve got a really high rating like Robin Van Persie or Pirlo for example, will not retire as quickly as they would previously. This is a really great move by EA and it’ll mean that players will no longer hang up their boots at a silly age of 28 or 29 like they did in 13 and 14. The overall engine of the player growth has really changed and players will develop their skills and attributes in a more realistic way. The highest potential players will go up in stats if you play them and how well their displays are with you, which is how it should be.

FIFA 2015 Player Position

FIFA 2015 Player Position

The GTN (Global Transfer Network) is back too! The only new addition to this already fantastic tool is that your head scout will now point out to you you’re own potential weaknesses in your squad including your starting lineup, subs and reserves.

The player search tool has had a makeover as well, with it now easier to find the player that you want and instant pop-ups of players will appear as you are typing away. The story-lines including the match day live feature will bring the latest real-time news straight to your feed in manager mode and deliver to you the latest headlines in the world of football.

Well that’s all that’s new in the FIFA 15 Career Mode this year guys. Please leave your comments on what new features have impressed you the most and you’re giving the thumbs up to, and also the ones that didn’t need that much close attention from the developers by using the comments section below.


  • Global Scouting sucks. Hate it.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Once I heard it was back I decided to save my money this year. To it makes career mode unplayable.

  • So happy the name pops up when you start typing, finding some players with accents in their name was proper annoying!

  • Will the ovarall of some players still be missing until you enquire for them and how many commentaters would be in the game

  • I think when you downloaded a game Is like you bought the game. y is difficult to play it.FIFA 14.is game you can’t enjoy without data connection. which not supposed to be like .nbak14 is far more dan all ea game.because you can play it anywhere anytime with no connection. I think ea should find solutions to their games .

  • So excited! But I wish that there could be a thing where you could design the clubs kit for the next season, that would be so cool

  • is there a way to get team management on player career mode ?Sucks to play same formation on all games ..

  • I miss that I cant watch statistics from a player im searching for. How many goals, assists and match rating they have from the current and previous seasons. Makes the road to succes a lot more wider.
    Sorry for my English

  • Transfer Network Scout is rubbish. Bring back the old system

    • Yup, think the same way.

      Also It would be nice if you can choose a few sattelit clubs where you can bring under (youth)players that u don’t use and which you couldn’t rent or sell.

      And the carreer mode should be longer than 20 years, so you can play on with young players youve scouted/bought.

  • I would like to see other teams hire and fire there managers as in 14 the vacancy for real Madrid was available but I did not go for it yet when I played them next they still had the manager. also will be good to see other club managers have a star rating so a rubbish team manager could have a high star rating manager so a bigger club sacking there manager and hiring him.

    • I like that idea. I wish you could build your career and be rated on a 5 star system. That way other teams could notice you and not have to wait 4 seasons to switch to a decent team. I WISH WE COULD APPLY FOR ANY TEAM WE WANTED and not just wait for available spots.

  • Should bring back the bar that’s shows how popular u r and the questions the press ask u

  • GSN is awesome , searching players with already known stats was too easy for me , now it’s more realistic

  • I Would like to see The South African league in next years fifa16

  • Does anyone know if as you go up divisions, ie championship to premier league, the numbers on the back of your teams top and logo sleeve change to the appropriate division in FIFA 15???

  • Is this mode available on the IPAD?

  • In muy opinión, they should add a trophy room in which would hace al the trophies you’ve won across your carreer, improve the news section with realistic news and press conferences in which new players are presented, they should bring back offers from other clubs to mánage them.

  • Does anyone know how to view player moral in your team management in fifa 15?

  • It’s pointless to scout my own youth players only to find out that the seasons are limited.Please EA give us unlimited seasons and show us events like Ballon d’Or, and also to be able to design the kits& logos.Otherwise thumps up guys you are the best.

  • how do i quit my manager career and change team

    • If you go into OFFICE then select BROWSE JOBS it tells you the available jobs. If there is one you want you can apply

      • Has anyone actually had any of their job applications for the available teams under BROWSE JOBS accepted? I brought Watford up from the Championship, have been exceeding all my clubs expectations, won a few cups and every time I apply to a job I get the message “we’ve reviewed your credentials and references and have decided to explore other options…”

        I know this was a problem in past FIFA manager modes, would be a real shame if they still haven’t fixed it.

  • I wanna see Manager mode becoming more realistic by being able to manually negotiate Manager’s contracts as is with Players,also being able to see the most payed Manager and player.The other thing is having the freedom to see other Managers’ perfomances and that will open up the idea of competition amongst Managerial posts.

  • how can i start a career all over again ?

  • I recently signed a player. His contract was about to expire and I therefore signed him without paying a huge transfer. He cost me most of my salery money and would join my team at the start of the following season. At the start of that season I got an email reminding me that this player was now in the squad – I was going to put him into the starting 11 right away, but then I couldn’t find him among my players. Then I searched for him under “search players” and I found as a Real Madrid-player. How to can I correct that error? I already tried loading an older save, played the rest of the season again and started the new one, but the exact same thing happens.

    Please help 🙂

  • Why cant uuse different buttons to change the hole kit. One button to change the shirt and another button to change the shorts and another to change socks. Also use differentt balls for for different competitions.

  • how many seasons does fifa 15 have in career mode

  • how do you get on to career mode?