Our Special FIFA 15 Fan-Made Teaser Trailer

FIFA 15 Fan-Made Teaser Trailer

FIFA 15 Fan-Made Teaser Trailer

After a whole year of waiting, EA Sports FIFA 15 is almost out and ready to keep us entertained for another calender year. We took it upon ourselves to make a special one-off fan-made teaser trailer for our YouTube viewers and website readers.

We created one that’s just under two minutes long and has a couple of twists along the way whilst also explaining exactly what gamers can expect from the new title this fall. You can watch it below in super HD and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get further updates on when we upload new videos.

We detail some of the new features in the be a pro, career mode and ultimate team, although we couldn’t go through all of them as we still wanted the trailer as short as possible. We hope you enjoy the footage and you can leave a comment in the box at the footer of this page.

FIFA 15 will finally be arriving in North America on Sept 23rd, across Europe on Sept 25th and in the United Kingdom on Sept 26th 2014. It will be available on the Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.