FIFA 15 Pro Clubs Not Included On PS3 Or Xbox 360

FIFA 15 Pro Clubs News

FIFA 15 Pro Clubs News

One of the biggest shock announcements yet for FIFA 15 from EA has emerged in the past 24 hours as the developers have confirmed that there will not be a pro clubs game mode for the older consoles. This includes the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. It will however be available on the next-gen machines of the PS4 and Xbox One as well as the Windows PC too.

Be A Pro lets gamers create their very own unique football player and customise them the way they see fit, from their appearance to their stats. They then compete in matches either with friends or against other online players in a 11v11 type online match-ups.

In total there’s 10 divisions to get promoted through and it’s all about scoring loads of goals topping the leaderboards and reaching the dream-land of Division 1. This long-running game mode will be sorely missed by PS3 and Xbox 360 owners and it may force some gamers hands into buying a next-gen console in order to gain access to the virtual pro mode.

FIFA 15 Be A Pro

FIFA 15 Be A Pro

In regards to these changes about the last-gen consoles EA wrote a statement that can be viewed below:

We’re very confident in the amount of innovation and depth we’re delivering but there are some things we couldn’t do for FIFA 15 on PS3 and Xbox 360, either based on the limitations of these consoles, or our time and resources. Most notably, Pro Clubs will not be a mode in FIFA 15 on Xbox 360 and PS3.



While some things have to move solely to the newer consoles, the EA Sports FIFA team bringing you a great football experience on PS3 and Xbox 360 have focused on gameplay innovation, Team Management, Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, and authentic leagues, teams, and kits that mirror the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


FIFA 15 lands on the PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PC, 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360 and One on Sept 23rd in NA, Sept 25th across Europe, and Sept 26th in the UK.

  • weak , seriously weak ….

  • Those of you, who like me loyally found the funds to buy ‘ultimate team’ packs week in, week out. Irrespective of all of our senses telling us ‘not to be stupid’ and to ‘save our money’, have after showering EA with our hard earned gelt, been well and truly shafted here and then discarded like some cheap hooker.
    No more Pro Club for Xbox 360 and PS3 EA have informed the press with some cock n’ bull, real reason – EA don’t currently make any money off Pro Clubs or charge anything extra when you use it.
    So although we spent millions of pounds last year on ‘in game’ purchases, EA feel that none of what we spent in 2013/14 should be invested in us the majority party, the 360 and PS3 community.
    When will this obvious contempt for the customer stop? Right now I say and to hell with your Dick Turpin approach.
    I have purchased over 2 million coins worth of Gold /special packs in FIFA 14 these last few weeks and the quality of cards being offered is disgusting. (Screen shots of every opening are available) We are sold promises for over priced and more importantly of all, useless add ons which do not actually improve the persons gameplay at all. Scripting is still EA’s biggest lie of all too as far as I can tell.

  • I dont care. I play ps4. It´s new gen now.

  • To be honest I played few games and I am not impressed with Fifa 15 and the only reason I am buying it is because I skipped Fifa 14 and I own a PS4 and its about time to own a soccer game for PS4. The games should be named as Fifa 14S. Gameplay is ok but there is a lot of room for improvement. Graphics the players feel, look and move like robots. One of the games I played the referee gave me a penalty kick for no reason. The presentation is awesome. I pre-ordered the ultimate edition because I dont want to spend any penny in FUT but having a gold pack every week for 40 weeks makes it a good deal. But if the PES 2015 demo impresses me I might just cancel the pre order and wait for PES.

  • Thank god someone told me about this, I only really play FIFA for pro clubs and was buying two copies so my son and I can play together – however without this feature I have time to cancel both orders and save £90.

    If they had done the same for Ultimate which is far more complicated than pro clubs I would have respected the decision, but the fact that it is such a money spinner and they have kept it shows what a disgrace this decision is.

    There is a large community of players who enjoy clubs but cannot afford to upgrade to next gen, and that most pre-orders were done before this knowledge was wildly know is an example of EA’s lack of care towards their customers, we know it will sell so tough everyone!

    That’s £90 I’m saving, and probably another £100 on ultimate that my son chips in with, I will be interested to see how much this has costs them overall.

    FIFA 14 clubs will I suspect still be heavily played next year.

    • I totally agree with you Lain. This is lack of care. They are what they are because of previous gen and now that there are new gen of consoles then they forget about those who were loyal all these years.
      I for one can buy the new gen of console but Prefare to wait for a slimmer xbox one because I travel a lot.

      They should have removed the ultimate teams left pro clubs because this UT is too complicated and worse you get to spend more time doing “office” more than playing. This really ridiculous.
      One last thing. Why if the games is incomplete or lacks certain things we should still buy with full price.

      I cant hide it I hate what you have done poeple of EA. For me there is no fifa without pro clubs.

  • My son went and bought Fifa 15 with his birthday money this at 12.15pm for PS3 from Argos and the only reason he bought it was because he wanted to play Pro clubs with his mates however he did not realise that pro clubs were not on the PS3 version!!!!!
    At 13.52pm we returned to Argos and they will not refund his money as he has ripped open the plastic wrapping/packaging so beware buyers, do not buy from Argos because when you read the small print it states if games are opened in this way no money can be returned.
    Unless you can actually try the game how would he have known that pro clubs are not included.
    This is a complete con!

    SB from Liverpool