Some Brief FIFA 15 Demo Tips & Game Discussion

Carrying on from the last video that we uploaded to our official YouTube channel, we decided to upload another and give out some handy tips regarding the FIFA 15 demo. We also discuss what’s new and the best ways to shoot, score more goals, cross the ball into the box and spread the play from one end to the other.

FIFA 15 Demo Tips

FIFA 15 Demo Tips

These hints and tricks are only for the playable demo which we downloaded onto the Xbox 360 instead of next-gen machines as there is still a lot of players that haven’t upgraded their consoles just yet. These tips should be used according to the older-gen consoles rather than the Xbox One or PS4.

Take a look at the match in HD below where we play as the OP Ultimate Team again but this time up against a very good Chelsea side on world class difficulty.

This footage is taken from the FUT game mode, and is not the kick-off feature that most players tend to play each year when the demo is released. Leave us your thoughts on the video and how you rate the playable demo on your experience of playing it so far by using the comments box at the footer of this page.